The team of the Canadian Journal of Theology, Mental Health and Disability is excited to announce our first Call for Submissions. The editors are Amy Panton and Miriam Spies, doctoral students at Emmanuel College. The journal is proud to have a partnership with The Canadian Disability and Theology Symposium.

TST member college libaries are pleased to announce that curbside pickup is now avaialble for most libraries. Complete information can be found below and by clicking here.


Pamela Couture, Director of the Toronto School of Theology, has announced the following staffing changes:

May 5, 2020: We have received many questions from students and prospective students about Fall classes. It will be several weeks before the University of Toronto announces plans for Fall; however, TST is in regular conversation with the University and understands itself to be consistent with U of T’s goals by announcing the following:

  • Our primary organizing principle will be providing access to classes and extra-curricular responsibilities that allow students to make progress with their degrees, and to engage with their fellow students and college communities in this exceptional time of the pandemic and its aftermath.

In light of this we are actively planning for the following:

Please note that the ThD program is closing. The closure has been approved by participating Toronto School of Theology member colleges and all levels of governance at the University of Toronto. As part of the same process, the Graduate Centre for Theological Studies (GCTS) will cease its administration of the University of St. Michael's College PhD program. These programs have been closed to admission since November, 2014.