TST Graduate Students' Association

TGSA students enjoying a good discussion

The TST Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA) exists for the benefit of all graduate students at the Toronto School of Theology. Whether full-time or part-time, all graduate students enrolled at any TST college are members of TGSA, pay fees to TGSA and can nominate and elect their fellow students to the TGSA Board.

As described in the TGSA Constitution, the TGSA provides a forum for the expression of student concerns, acts as a liaison with the TST administration, and provides student representatives to TST Councils and Committees. TGSA also encourages cooperation and community between students and faculty, promotes the social and political participation of students, and organizes opportunities for student academic and professional development.

TGSA communicates with the TST community through the TGSA website, Facebook group, and Twitter feed, as well as the TST graduate (advanced degree) email listserv. To contact TGSA, please email the current president, Fiona Li.

2019-2020 TGSA Board


President – Fiona Li (2018-2020)
Treasurer – Leanne Ketchum (2018-2020)
Vice-President Academic – Michael Rogers (2019-2021)
Vice-President Conferences – Carolyn Mackie (Interim)
Vice-President External – Samuel Needham (2019-2021)

Program Representatives

Bible – Paul Kye (2019-2021)
History – M.J. Perry (2018-2020)
Pastoral – Beth Anne Fisher (2019-2021)
Theology – Samuel Needham (2019-2021)
Contextual – Maureen Ononiwu (2019-2021)
Master of Arts – Hannah Ferguson (2019-2021)
Master of Theology – vacant
Doctor of Ministry – vacant

College Representatives

Emmanuel College – Jordon Balint (2019-2021)
Knox College – Mike Anderson (2018-2020)
Regis College – Meghan Bowen (2019-2021)
St. Michael’s College – Mariia Ivaniv (2019-2021)
Trinity College – vacant
Wycliffe College – Carolyn Mackie (2018-2020)

Non-Voting Officers and Guests

Secretary – Leanne Ketcham
Returning Officer – vacant
UTSU Director – vacant
ICS Delegate – vacant
Advocacy Officert – vacant
Social Chair – Samuel Needham

PDF icon TGSA Constitution198.01 KB
PDF icon TGSA Policies and Procedures328.51 KB