Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement 

TST is an ecumenical federation of Christian theological schools working together at the heart of the university to achieve excellence in research, in scholarship, in teaching and in the formation of leaders for service in ministry in the Church and the world. (Approved by the TST Board of Trustees December 2006.)

Vision Statement

The Toronto School of Theology, honouring the distinct identities of its members and broadening the range of its collaboration, will be a leading international consortium for education, research, academic cooperation, and dialogue across particular religious and cultural traditions. (Approved by the TST Board of Trustees April 2011.)


The Toronto School of Theology consortium is strongly committed to:

  • critical reflection and scholarly research on matters of Christian faith, practice and ministry;
  • excellence in theological education and formation for various ministries in Church and society; and
  • an ecumenical environment for theological education.

The Toronto School of Theology corporation serves the member colleges of the Toronto School of Theology consortium with the following mission:

  • to foster formal and informal ecumenical exchange, within and outside the classroom;
  • to promote academic, professional, and interdisciplinary collaboration among the faculty of the member institutions;
  • to administer and coordinate a variety of academic programs;
  • to enter into and manage a variety of collaborative relationships, especially with the University of Toronto; and
  • to enhance in appropriate ways the resources available for academic programs in theology and for lifelong learning in ministry.