Affiliated Member Institution Students Taking TST Courses

Students from TST affiliated member institutions (Conrad Grebel University College and Institute for Christian Studies) should seek the permission of their home institution to take a course at TST. Students need to request a Letter of Permission from their home institution and complete the “Request to Register in TST Course” online form (see green button below) as early as possible. This Letter of Permission will need to be uploaded as part of the online request form. Students from affiliated institutions may only take courses from TST member colleges (in the TST Course Catalogue, with prefixes of EM, KN, SA, RG, SM, TR or WY) and are not eligible to take practicum courses or Supervised Pastoral Education courses. Registration in a course is subject to available space in the course and the student meeting any specified prerequisites for the course. 5000 and 6000 level courses are only available to students in graduate programs.

Students need to complete and submit the “Request to Register in TST Course” online form (see green button below), prior to noon on "Last Day to Submit Approval Requests for Academic Activities" for the semester in which the course starts. This date can be found in the TST calendar of Key Academic Dates.

During the Fall and Winter sessions (September through April), affiliate students pay their home institution for courses taken at TST. During the Summer session (May through August), tuition is payable to the TST or the college offering the course. Students will be provided with payment information upon receipt and the processing of the online request.

Although you will be able start your online request, save it and return to complete it, it is recommended that before starting your request, that you have your Letter of Permission from your home institution available as you will be required to up load this as part of the online request, and that you have the correct nine-character course code, the course title, the session in which the course is being taught and the 3- or 4-digit section code which indicates the mode of delivery of the course. All of this information is available in the TST Course Catalogue.