Friday, January 31, 2020
Crossroads of Theology Series - Thomas Aquinas’ Theology of Love

Are you a university student studying in the GTA? Are you a fan of St. Thomas Aquinas? If so, this lecture is for you!

Join Regis College for the very first lecture in the series “Crossroads of Theology,” hosted and organized by Regis College theology students.

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Thursday, February 6, 2020
Crossroads of Theology Series - The Eucharist, Bond of Love

Join Regis College for Crossroads of Theology, a series of talks and socials for young people exploring the intersection of theology with current affairs and culture. This series is hosted by the students of Regis College, the Jesuit School of Theology in Canada. While Crossroads talks are primarily aimed at those aged 18-35 years old, students of all ages are welcome to attend.

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Monday, February 10, 2020
Book Launch: "Misguided Love: Christians and the Rupture of LGBTQI2+ People", by Prof. Charles Fensham

BOOK LAUNCH:  Misguided Love: Christians and the Rupture of LGBTQI2+ People by Prof. Charles Fensham, Knox College

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Can’t attend in person? Watch the event via livestream here.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020
Fraser Centre 2020 Annual Scarboro Missions Lecture in Interreligious Dialogue

“Faith in the Commons: Becoming Neighbours includes the Personal and the Political”

One of the most exciting developments in political theology is the renewed awareness that “the neighbour” creates a new space “in-between” the personal and the political.  Professor Leddy will illustrate and explore how becoming neighbours summons new forms of spirituality and politics and provides common ground for interfaith and cross-cultural relationships.

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Reception for Fraser Centre Interreligious Visual Art Exhibit: “Neighbourhood Earth”

The art exhibit, “Neighbourhood Earth”, runs February 2 - 29, 2020 at Regis College. The exhibit asks: What is a neighbour?  Who is my neighbour?  What is a neighbourhood?  What are the borders of our neighbourhoods?  Who defines them?  Who is inside, who is outside?  How do personal or political relations become “neighbourly”?  Who is overseeing our neighbourhood watch?

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