Choosing a Program

The member institutions of the Toronto School of Theology (TST) offer a variety of different degree programs at the master’s and doctoral level. Full information on each of the programs can be found by following the links in the sidebar menu, but here is a quick overview to help direct your explorations.

TST’s programs can be categorized in two different ways. One is by level of study: first or "basic" degree programs require no previous theological study, while graduate degree programs presume previous theological education. The other is by the nature of the program: some programs provide training for professional ministry; others are directed more towards academic inquiry and research. A majority of TST’s degrees are awarded conjointly by a TST member college and the University of Toronto, while a few degrees, certificates and diplomas are solely awarded by a TST member college.

Please see the right side bar for further information on specific classes of degree.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

For more information about any of TST's basic degree programs, please contact the registrars at the member colleges directly.

Applications to graduate degree programs (MA, ThM, PhD) are submitted to the Graduate Centre for Theological Studies. Students applying to a graduate degree program select a college on their application. Applicants are encouraged to contact their college of application prior to the application deadline.