Wigg-Stevenson, Natalie
Natalie Wigg-Stevenson

PhD (Vanderbilt)

natalie.wigg@utoronto.ca | 416-585-4548


Dr. Wigg-Stevenson directs the Contextual Education and Teaching for Ministry Programs, and teaches Theology at Emmanuel College. Her current research delves into how ethnographic methods could help create theological conversations across church, academy and everyday life. She is also interested in liturgical, feminist and queer theologies, cultural theories of practice, aesthetics, pop culture, and in decolonizing pedagogies.

She is also one of the co-editors on the IAPT volume, Complex Identities in a Shifting World: Practical Theological Perspectives (2015). She co-chairs the group, “Ecclesial Practices” at the American Academy of Religion, a group dedicated to nurturing the relationship between ethnography and theology.

An ordained Baptist minister, Natalie is particularly passionate about preaching and worship, and about adult education in church settings.

Recent Publications

  • Ethnographic Theology: An Inquiry Into the Production of Theological Knowledge (New York: Palgrave Press, 2014).
  • With Pamela Couture, Robert Mager & Pamela R. McCarroll, Complex Identities in a Shifting World: Practical Theological Perspectives (Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2015).
  • "What’s Really Going On: Ethnographic Theology and the Production of Theological Knowledge," in Cultural Studies<>Critical Methodologies (forthcoming).
  • "Trying to Tell the Truth About A Life: The Issue of Representation for Ethnographic Theology," book chapter in What Really Matters: A Nordic Perspective on Ecclesiology and Ethnography, Jonas Ideström and Tone Stangeland Kaufman, eds. (Pickwick, forthcoming 2017).
  • "You Don’t Look Like a Baptist Minister: An Autoethnographic Retrieval of 'Women’s Experience' as an Analytic Category for Feminist Theology," in Feminist Theology, (January 2017).
  • "An Intriguing Third Way: Mapping Contextual Education for Curricular Integration," in Teaching Theology and Religion, (January, 2016).
  • "From Proclamation to Conversation: Ethnographic Disruptions to Theological Normativity," in Palgrave Communications: Radical Theologies Collection, (October, 2015).
  • "Reflexive Theology: A Preliminary Proposal," in Practical Matters (Spring, 2013).
Appointment Status College TST Teaching Category
Basic Degree
Emmanuel College Regular Tenure Stream

Current Courses

Course Code Course Name Semester
EMP1601HS Context, Power and Coloniality Second Semester
EMF3020YY Contextual Education Full-year
EMT3130HF Embodiment and Christian Theology First Semester
EMT6130HF Embodiment and Christian Theology First Semester
EMF3130HF Ministry Integration Seminar First Semester
EMF3130HS Ministry Integration Seminar Second Semester