College Regis College
Instructor(s) Wood, Susan K.
Course Code RGT6410HS
NOTE: Basic degree students enrol in RGT3410HS
Semester Second Semester
Section 0101
Online No
Credits One Credit
Location Toronto (St George Campus)

This course will provide an introduction to the theology of the Church and the Church'sunderstanding of itself as a principal mediator of the mystery and grace of God in theworld. The approach of the course will be threefold: 1) a study of the historicaldevelopment of ecclesial structures with special emphasis on understanding theecclesiology of the second Vatican Council. This will include, a discussion of somepertinent issues arising from the Council such as the magisterium, collegiality, andministry; 2) an understanding of the diverse “theologies' of Church through some of the primary images and models in which it understands itself; and 3) an attempt tounderstand the ecumenical emphasis of Vatican II that has given rise to a renewedinterest in interdenominational€”interreligious dialogue, mission and inculturation, andthe emergence of contextual approaches such as the feminist and liberationistmethodologies.

Schedule Mon
Start Time 15:00
End Time 17:00
Hours Per Week 2
Minimum Enrolment 10
Maximum Enrolment 20
Enrolment Notes

Maximum/Minimum class size indicated includes both BD and Graduate students

Means of Evaluation
Previously Offered Winter 2022
Currently Offered Winter 2023