Summer Session Registration Procedures

Toronto School of Theology (TST) students seek approval for summer courses in consultation with their advisor at their home college. Summer course registration begins on April 2, 2018. A maximum of 4 courses (2.0 credits) may be taken during the Summer Session, including field education and reading courses.

Registration Deadlines

Because the summer session courses begin at intervals throughout the summer, there is not one universal registration deadline. Rather, the deadlines are set according to the start date of the courses. The registration deadline is normally stated in the Course Catalogue. If a deadline is not stated, one should assume that the deadline is prior to the course start date. Students are strongly recommended to register before April 30, 2018 for all courses, regardless of start date. After July 15,  please contact your college registrar or, if you are not a current student, the registrar of the college offering the course. Reading and Research registration forms should be submitted as soon as possible, and by the stated date on Key Academic Dates.

Fee Payment Information

See the current tuition fees. Please note that a new fee schedule takes effect each summer. Note: Additional fees, for students in conjoint degree programs, beyond those charged on ACORN(Accessible Campus Online Resource Network) may be levied by a student’s home college. Students are encouraged to add courses early and pay fees promptly even for courses occurring late in the summer. Summer fees may be found at the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.

Fee Refunds and Course Withdrawals

In the summer session, the last day to withdraw from a course without academic penalty is also the last day in which to receive a 100% academic fees refund in a course. Following this date, no percentage of the academic fees are refundable. The last day to withdraw from a given course in the summer session is in the Course Catalogue. Please contact the member college offering the course for withdrawal/refund information.

Incidental fees (e.g., student services such as Athletic Centre, Hart House, etc.) refunds have a fixed refund schedule which does NOT coincide with the academic fees refund schedule as these fees cover services which are available to students throughout the summer session. The refund schedule for incidental fees is available on the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.

Taking Courses at Affiliated Member Institutions and Affiliate Students Taking TST Courses

During the summer session,  TST Basic Degree students taking courses at one of the Affiliated Member Institutions pay tuition and any other associated fees directly to the college at which they are taking the course, according to the tuition schedule of that college. Information for graduate students and more general information about TST students taking courses at affiliated member institutions is available here.

Students from affiliated member institutions who are taking courses at TST, pay TST directly the current tuitions fees. More information is available here.