Registration Information for TST Students Taking Courses at Affiliated Member Institutions

Toronto School of Theology (TST) students wishing to take courses at affiliated member institutions (Conrad Grebel University College and Institute for Christian Studies) should seek their colleges’ permission to take courses outside of TST. Once permission is granted, to register, students should contact the affiliated member institution offering the course directly.  

Students must also register in the course at their TST home college. If the course is listed in the TST Course Catalogue, the student should enrol in the course on ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network/Repository of Student Information).  If the course is listed in the TST Course Catalogue, students must follow the TST program handbook regulations relating to course deadlines for submission of course work and requests for extensions. The prima facie deadline for the completion of work in a course is the last day of the TST examination week for the semester in which the course is taken. Students and instructors are bound by the earlier of deadlines set either by the instructor or TST. Where the policy of the affiliate college, in relation to courses listed in the TST Course Catalogue, differ from TST policies, the policy of TST will apply.  If the course is not listed in the TST Course Catalogue, the student should request a Letter of Permission from his or her home college registrar to be sent to the affiliated institution.

During the Fall and Winter sessions (September through April), by agreement between TST and the affiliated member institutions, students enrolling in courses at an affiliated institution pay the course fee to their home college according to TST's tuition schedule. If you are a graudate degree student this fee is included in your regular program fee. During the Summer Session, students pay course and any ancillary fees directly to the college offering the course, rather than to their home institution, according to the tuition schedule of the college offering the course and pay ancillary and incidentaly fees to their home college of registration. If you are a graduate degree student paying program fees, this summer fee is included in your program fee.