Registration Information for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Students wishing to take Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) units for credit must take them through the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC) and a recognized, accredited post-secondary institution. Students must apply to the CASC supervisor directly. Information about the application process and application forms can be found on the CASC website

Once you have been admitted by the CASC teaching supervisor, you must contact your home TST member college registrar in order to register. Students must be registered in a conjoint Basic Degree (BD) degree program in order to take CPE units through TST. For CPE units in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), your tuition will be payable to the TST member college through which you register. For units taken outside of the GTA, students must request a Letter of Permission from their home institution; ancillary and incidental fees are paid to the home insitution. For units taken outside of the GTA, information on the payment of tuition, and any additional ancillary and incidental fees, should be obtained from that institution.

To register: If you are already a student of TST, please contact your home college registrar. If you are not a TST student, please choose a TST college through which to enrol and contact the college registrar’s office. Please note, once you are enrolled in a TST conjoint degree program, you must register for the unit as soon as possible and abide by the application, registration and payment deadlines of the member college. Please present the admissions letter from your CPE supervisor to the registrar's office of your home institution. The letter must state the level at which you are taking the unit, the appoved TST Supervisor, as well as the dates the unit is offered.

Tuition: The tuition for a CPE unit is two times the TST course fee. See TST's current tuition fees.