Registration Information

See the Course Catalogue for a listing of all courses taught within the Toronto School of Theology (TST) consortium.

See the sidebar menu on this page for registration information specific to your circumstance.

Information Common to all TST Registrations

Registration for the Fall/Winter sessions begins in early August of each year. Registration for the Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 sessions opens on August 4, 2015.

Your college may set a registration deadline for courses in the Fall/Winter sessions. Registration deadlines for the Summer courses are published in the Course Catalogue. Please see the calendar of Key Academic Dates for the last day to add a course and the last day to drop a course without academic penalty.

Fees for TST courses are on the Current Tuition Fee Tables. Please consult with your college’s fee schedule for incidental and other fees. Information on how to pay fees and refund schedules can be found on the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.

All TST courses are on ACORN/ROSI (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network/Repository of Student Information), and TST students must enrol in courses using ACORN/ROSI.

Course Numbering

The first two digits of the course number indicate the college offering the course. See TST's Key to Course Codes.

Basic degree courses are numbered in the 1000 through 3000 range. 1000-level courses are foundational courses; 2000-level courses are survey courses and may have prerequisites; 3000-level courses are specialized courses and normally have prerequisites.

6000 and 5000-level courses are for advanced degree students only (unless explicit permission has been granted for a non-advanced degree student to take the course).

Limited Enrolment

Some courses have a limited enrolment or special enrolment instructions which are stated in the course description. Professors are entitled to set separate maximum (MAX) enrolment limits for basic and advanced degree enrolment in 3000/6000 level courses. If no specific enrolment limits are shown for advanced degree students, the one stated in the course description will apply only to basic degree students. If a minimum (MIN) enrolment is indicated, an instructor/college may decide to cancel a course in which this limit has not been reached. Any students who are enrolled in a course which is cancelled will be notified.

Fee Payment

Academic and incidental fees are assessed by the ACORN/ROSI system. A student’s account status may be viewed on ACORN/ROSI. Information on how to pay fees can be found on the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.