Registration Information

See the Course Catalogue for a listing of all courses taught within the Toronto School of Theology (TST) consortium.

See the sidebar menu on this page for registration information specific to your circumstance.

Information Common to all TST Registrations

Registration for the Fall/Winter sessions begins in early August of each year. Registration for the Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 sessions opens on July 24, 2018.

Your college may set a registration deadline for courses in the Fall/Winter sessions. Registration deadlines for the Summer courses are published in the Course Catalogue. Please see the calendar of Key Academic Dates for the last day to add a course and the last day to drop a course without academic penalty.

Fees for TST courses are on the Current Tuition Fee Tables. Please consult with your college’s fee schedule for incidental and other fees. Information for students in conjoint degree programs, on how to pay fees and refund schedules can be found on the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.

All TST courses are on ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network/Repository of Student Information), and TST students in conjoint degree programs must enrol in courses using ACORN.

Course Numbering

The first two digits of the course number indicate the college offering the course. See TST's Key to Course Codes.

Basic degree courses are numbered in the 1000 through 3000 range. 1000-level courses are foundational courses; 2000-level courses are survey courses and may have prerequisites; 3000-level courses are specialized courses and normally have prerequisites.

6000 and 5000-level courses are for advanced degree students only (unless explicit permission has been granted for a non-advanced degree student to take the course).

Limited Enrolment

Some courses have a limited enrolment or special enrolment instructions which are stated in the course description. Professors are entitled to set separate maximum (MAX) enrolment limits for basic and advanced degree enrolment in 3000/6000 level courses. If no specific enrolment limits are shown for advanced degree students, the one stated in the course description will apply only to basic degree students. If a minimum (MIN) enrolment is indicated, an instructor/college may decide to cancel a course in which this limit has not been reached. Any students who are enrolled in a course which is cancelled will be notified.

Fee Payment

For students in conjoint degree programs, Academic and incidental fees are assessed by the ACORN system. A student’s account status may be viewed on ACORN/ROSI. Information on how to pay fees can be found on the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.

Taking Courses on a Letter of Permission

Students seeking to take courses outside of TST for credit for a basic or graduate degree program must request a Letter of Permission from the designated authority at their college of registration in advance of registering for the course.  This must be done prior to the published Approval Request Deadline for the semester that the course runs.  These dates can be found on the TST calendar of Key Academic Dates.

Each college is responsible for determining whether transfer credit for courses is permissible for the BD program the student is registered in. Graduate students interested in taking courses on a letter of permission should contact the GCTS Office well in advance of the Approval Request Deadline. All credits obtained outside of TST must be presented on an official transcript from a recognized accredited institution, to be sent directly to his or her college registrar.

Information on Summer Indigenous Courses:

Taking University of Toronto Courses as Part of Your TST Conjoint Degree

Students in seeking to take courses at the University of Toronto for credit for a basic or graduate degree program should get confirmation from their BD director or TST Associate Director, Graduate Programs that the course can be used towards their degree studies. Students are normally required to seek permission of the University of Toronto department or division (with the exception of BD Students wishing to take 100, 200 and 300 series undergraduate courses in the Department for Study of Religion which can be enrolled in via ACORN) in order to be registered in the course by completing the School of Graduate Studies' Add or Drop Course Form. The TST Associate Director, Graduate Programs is require to sign as Chair/Graduate Coordinator’s Signature on the form. All required paperwork must be completed and submitted to your college registrar prior to the last day to add a course for the session the course starts in. These dates can be found on the TST calendar of Key Academic Dates. Graduate students should contact the GCTS Office well in advance of the Approval Request Deadline. A student taking a course offered by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) or another entity outside TST is bound to the policies of that institution. For SGS courses, SDFs are not routinely assigned and extensions cannot be granted beyond the end of the trimester following the end of the course (except, on rare occasions, with the approval of the Admissions and Programs Committee of SGS). If issued an extension by SGS or another entity outside the TST, the student must submit a copy of all relevant documentation to the GCTS Office. Students in non-conjoint programs are not permitted to take courses at the University of Toronto.