Basic Degree Programs and Certificates

The following degrees are offered conjointly by the Toronto School of Theology (TST) member colleges and the University of Toronto. Not all TST Colleges offer all degrees. The degrees are listed below according to the categories of the Association for Theological Schools.

To prepare for specialized ministries:

The following certificates are offered conjointly by TST member colleges and the University of Toronto. Not all TST colleges offer all certificates.

The information on this site represents the shared elements of the basic degree programs across the TST consortium. Specific information about the basic degree programs should be sought from the college offering the program, as each college sets its own unique curriculum for each program. For information about the admissions requirements, educational purposes, and curricular structures of a specific degree program, refer to the website of the member college that offers the program.

The Basic Degree Handbook outlines common policies and procedures for the basic degrees offered by TST member colleges.

Combined Degrees

It is possible to earn two degrees in TST colleges in a combined degree program with some credits being counted for both degrees. The combined programs are administered directly by the colleges. The following combined degree programs can be completed in four years rather than five:

For more information about basic degree programs, directly contact the TST member college offering the program, as noted in the linked program descriptions above.