Key to Course Codes

A 3-letter prefix, a 4-digit number and 2-letter suffix comprise the Toronto School of Theology (TST) course codes. The course code is followed by the lecture section.

The Prefix

The first two letters identify the institution offering a course.

EM = Emmanuel College
KN = Knox College
RG = Regis College
SA = St. Augustine's Seminary
SM = University of St. Michael's College
TR = University of Trinity College
WY = Wycliffe College
CG = Conrad Grebel University College
HR = Huron College
IC = Institute for Christian Studies
TS = Toronto School of Theology
TX = Joint College & Department Course at TST

The third letter identifies the department:

B = Biblical
H = Historical
P = Pastoral Theology
T = Theological
F = Field Education
J = Interdisciplinary
M = Doctor of Ministry

The Numbers

Four numbers follow the prefix. The first digit identifies the level at which a course is taught.

Basic Degree (BD)
1000-level = introductory or foundational Basic Degree courses with normally no prerequisite
2000-level = general or survey courses Basic Degree courses, may or may not have prerequisites
3000-level = specialized Basic Degree courses, normally prerequisites are required

Graduate Degree (AD)
6000-level = Graduate Degree course that meets jointly with the 3000-level version of the course. These courses are referred to as 3000/6000-level courses. They are taught by members of the Advanced Degree Faculty. In such cases, both a 3000 and 6000 number is listed for the course and each level has distinct course requirements.
5000-level = Graduate Degree course
7000-level = Graduate Degree Reading & Research course

*Basic Degree students are not normally allowed to take Graduate Degree courses unless they have the required prerequisites and have gained permission to take the course

The second digit (and sometimes third digit) identifies the sub-area within a department to which a course belongs. The last digits exist to provide a unique identifier for each course.

The Suffix

The two letter suffix indicates the credit value of a course and the session during which a course is taken.

The first letter indicates the credit value:
H = 0.5 credits
Y = 1.0 credit
(Within TST a course is normally worth 0.5 credits)

The last letter of the course code indicates the session within which the course is taught.
F = First half of the Fall/Winter Sessions (September-December), or first half of the Summer Session (April, May and June)
S = Second half of the Fall/Winter Sessions (January-April), or second half of the Summer Session (July-August)
Y = Fall and Winter Sessions (September-April), or first and second sub-sessions of the Summer Session (April-August, or therein)

Lecture Sections

Where courses offer more than one lecture section, students must indicate their preference, e.g. L0101 or L0102, using ACORN/ROSI (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network/Repository of Student Information).

Courses that are taught online are indicated with a L6101 (or L6102, L6103, etc) section number.

Comprehensives and Thesis Preparation for Graduate Degree Students

Graduate Degree students who are completing course work or research from previous sessions and who have no other course work in the session must ensure they are enrolled in: TSZ7777H/Y (Research).

8000 level numbers are reserved for comprehensive examinations and are added by the TST Graduate Centre for Theological Studies office.

Students doing research in preparation for writing a thesis must ensure they are enrolled in TSZ8888Y (Thesis Preparation).

After a student has a thesis proposal approved, they must ensure they are enrolled in TSZ9999Y (Thesis Writing).

N.B.: TSZ7777/8888/9999 are added to students' registration records by their College Registrar.

Reading & Research Courses

Reading and research courses require the consent of a supervising professor, the student's college advisor and their College Registrar. To enrol, students must obtain the signatures of each on a reading and research (R&R) course form (available on the resourses page). This must be done prior to the published deadline.

The course code for a Basic Degree reading and research course is: TSX 3090/1/2 H/Y.

The course code for an Graduate Degree reading and research course is: TSX 7090/1/2 H/Y.

Basic Degree Thesis Designators

The procedure for obtaining consent and enrolling is the same as for reading and research courses (see above).

The course code for a Basic Degree thesis is: TSX 3333/4/5 H/Y.

Courses at Affiliated Institutions

Affiliate courses that do not appear in the TST Course Catalogue may be taken by TST students with permission. In such cases the courses are assigned generic numbers:

The course code for a Conrad Grebel course is: CGB/H/P/T 3090/1/2/3/4 H/Y for Basic Degree and CGB/H/P/T 6090/1/2/3 H/Y for Graduate Degree.

The course code for an Institute for Christian Studies course is: ICB/H/P/T 3090/1/2/3/4 H/Y for Basic Degree or ICB/H/P/T 6090/1/2/3 H/Y for Graduate Degree.