Graduate Student Information & Procedures

The Graduate Centre for Theological Studies (GCTS) Office is the central administrative office for the graduate degree (AD) programs across the Toronto School of Theology (TST). The GCTS Office hosts orientation, sets up language courses and exams, records grades of general examinations on ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network), administers graduate admissions, and organizes thesis examinations. The links in the sidebar menu are meant to provide helpful information to supplement the handbooks, but please note that the handbooks remain the authoritative guide for the graduate degree programs.

If you have any questions about any of the above, or about other matters related to the GCTS, please contact the GCTS Administrator.

GCTS Office Hours

Graduate Student Listserv

The TST GCTS Office communicates important information regarding scholarships and other graduate student polices and procedures via the "GCTS Listserv". All students registered by the registration deadline (and having made the minimum fee payment) are automatically added to the Listserv each semester. If you register after the deadline, please contact the GCTS Administrator to ensure that your name is added to the list.  Conjoint degree students must use their email account to participate in the listserv.

Supervisory Guidelines

TST has adopted the UofT School of Graduate Studies Supervision Guidelines as informing student supervision at TST and as adaptable to TST structures and policies.

General Examinations (Conjoint PhD)

Please see the Conjoint Degree Handbook, section C8, as well as the Procedures for the Conjoint PhD General Examinations, for information on General Examination procedures and regulations. Please note that we are unable to schedule in-class written examinations during the first three weeks of September.

Research Ethics Approval Process (Conjoint Degrees)

All research projects (Master's or Doctoral) involving human subjects must receive Uoft Research Ethics Board approval. This approval must be received before the research involving human subjects is conducted. The procedure for obtaining Research Ethics Approval may be found in the document Research Ethics Submission Process for TST Graduate Students.

*COVID-19 SUPPLEMENT*: As of July 28, 2020 all face-to-face human research (on-campus and in the field) will require submission of a completed Face-to-Face Human Research Checklist, uploaded to the Document Summary section (#13) in MRHP, and submission of other COVID-19 related information as described in the U of T Guidance for the Recovery of Human Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Examinations of Doctoral and Master's Theses

Information for students preparing to submit their thesis for examination.

Information for students after their thesis examination.