Worship and Ritual Practicum

College Emmanuel College
Instructor(s) Kim-Cragg, David
Course Code EMP3113HY
Semester Full-year
Section 0101
Online No
Credits One Credit
Location Toronto (St George Campus)

Students who have applied for and been selected as student worship coordinators on the Emmanuel College Worship Team may register for this course as an associated reflexive practicum in worship planning and liturgical leadership, based on their work with the Worship Team. Working with the other student members of the Worship Team, the Director of Chapel, and the Faculty Advisor to the Worship Team, students will engage in collaborative oversight, planning, leadership and evaluation of Tuesday and Thursday Midday Prayer services, Wednesday services of worship, and other occasional services, using United Church of Canada, ecumenical, intercultural and interfaith liturgical and music resources. Students will learn ways to support, resource and animate the Emmanuel College community of faculty and students, guest preachers and presiders, in the worship life of the College. Students will take primary leadership responsibility for several worship services each academic year, including the work of facilitating collaborative worship planning, communications, liturgical creation and design, liturgy/prayer writing, bulletin and/or projection production, celebration of sacraments, preparation of liturgical space, liturgical leadership, evaluation and feedback.

Pre-Requisites EMT1851H, EMT1631H or EMP1101H or EMP2861H or EMP3101
Schedule Wed
Start Time 15:00
End Time 16:30
Hours Per Week 3
Minimum Enrolment 5
Maximum Enrolment 10
Means of Evaluation
Previously Offered Fall 2022
Currently Offered Fall 2023
Next Scheduled Fall 2024