Postmodern-Constructivist Psychotherapies and Spiritual Care

College Regis College
Instructor(s) Buhagar, Desmond C.
Course Code RGP6561HY
NOTE: Basic degree students enrol in RGP3561HY
Semester Full-year
Section 6201
Online Yes
Credits One Credit
Location Toronto (St George Campus)

Postmodern-Constructivism continues to exert a powerful beneficial effect in the world of psychotherapy assessment and treatment by challenging traditional, modernist models of care. This intensive survey course is inspired by postmodern philosophical perspectives (J. Derrida, M. Foucault), Personal Construct Psychology (G. Kelly), and Social Constructivism (K. Gergen). We will examine and compare the major postmodern perspectives from the standpoint of integrative psychological and spiritual care, with introductory exposure to Narrative Therapy (M. White, D. Epston); Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (S. de Shazer, I. Kim Berg); Collaborative Language Systems Therapy (H. Goolishian, H. Anderson); Meaning-Based Therapies (V. Frankl, T. Wong); Strengths-Based Therapies (M. Seligman, Y. J. Wong); Constructivist Ethics (J. Guterman, J. Raskin); and Integrative Models (B. Zinnbauer, K. Pargament).

Schedule Tue
Start & End Date Jun 4, 2024 - Jul 23, 2024
Start Time 18:00
End Time 21:00
Hours Per Week 3
Minimum Enrolment 10
Maximum Enrolment 20
Program Requirement (CRPO) for: "Foundations" (1. 1-1 .5), "Collegial & lnterprofessinal Relationships (2.1-2.3), "Self-Care & Advocacy• 3.3 & 3.8); Therapeutic Process" (4.1-4.7); "Professional Literature & Applied Research." (5.1-5.2).
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Maximum/Minimum class size indicated includes both BD and Graduate students.
Last day to add: 02-Jun-2024. Last day to drop: 18-Jun-2024

Additional Notes

This course was previously taught under the title: "Postmodern Counselling & Spiritual Care"

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Previously Offered Summer 2023
Currently Offered Summer 2024