Pastoral Care in the Classroom

Date Cancelled
College University of St. Michael's College, Faculty of Theology
Course Code SMP3515HF
Semester First Semester
Section 0101
Online No
Credits One Credit
Location Toronto (St George Campus)

The vocation of teacher is not limited to the professional practice of the art, science and skill of delivering the assigned educational curriculum. Within the complex multi-cultural milieu of the classroom, the ministry of teaching has expanded to include providing pastoral care to children with a variety of needs physical, social, psychological as well as the requirement to deliver the assigned curriculum. Often family/support members are part of this pastoral outreach. This course will offer an ln depth perspective on the extra curricular pastoral issues that have become endemic in classroom teaching. Particular attention will be given to ethics in ministry, as well as legal and boundary issues. Self Care will also be explored as an integral component in a balanced and rewarding experience of pastoral ministry in the classroom.

Pre-Requisites SMP2600H
Schedule Wed
Start Time 17:00
End Time 19:00
Hours Per Week 2
Minimum Enrolment 10
Maximum Enrolment 20
Teaching Method
Means of Evaluation
Class Participation
Book Review
Short Paper
Previously Offered Fall 2020
Currently Offered Fall 2022