Foundations to Eastern Christian Ethics

College University of St. Michael's College, Faculty of Theology
Course Code SMT2944HF
Semester First Semester
Section 9101
Online No
Credits One Credit
Location Online – Synchronous

This course explores the essential elements of an Eastern Christian approach to ethics, in terms of its sources, methods and applications. While countenancing an array of specific moral issues-including sexual ethics, embryonic and stem cell research, human cloning, euthanasia, capital punishment, the morality of war, environmental ethics, and social ethics-the course Is focused on meta-ethical reflection, i.e., a consideration of the "first principles  of theological ethics within an Eastern Christian context. Thus systematically attention is given to the specifically ethical significance of such data as Scripture, patristic texts, liturgy, hagiography, canon law and contemporary church teaching. Throughout the course, we will probe the nature of the dialectic between (meta)ethical theory and Individual/communal practice.

Schedule Thu
Start Time 14:00
End Time 16:00
Hours Per Week 2
Minimum Enrolment 10
Maximum Enrolment 25
Teaching Method
Means of Evaluation
Class Participation
Reflection Paper
Research Paper
Currently Offered Fall 2021