Early Thought, Doctrine and Theology in the Church Fathers and Mother

College University of Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity
Course Code TRT2504HF
Semester First Semester
Section 6101
Online No
Credits One Credit
Location Online - Asynchronous

The first matr phase of Christian theological development took place between the Ascension of Christ as the Council of Chalcedon 451 AD}. During this period, the problems of the Trinity, appropriate exegesis of scripture, Christolog~, and
salvation would be addressed in a variety of ways. In this course, we will explore the development of early Christan doctrine and theology through careful reading of key primary sources and secondary material. Emphasis will be on the
above theolo9ical questions, with special attention to the si~nificance of this theology for lived praxis among Christians at the time and 1n the present day. Key fathers and mothers o the Church will be explored alongside thinkers whose views would eventually be considered heretical. Evaluation is based on two short response papers, a research paper, and classroartlcipation.

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Additional Notes

This course was previously taught under the title "Early Fathers/Mothers: Eastern Thought, Doctrine and Theology to 431'"

Teaching Method
Means of Evaluation
Research Paper
Previously Offered Fall 2018
Currently Offered Fall 2021