Critical Theory and Religion - The Frankfurt School and Beyond

College Institute for Christian Studies
Instructor(s) Kuipers, Ronald
Course Code ICT5772HF
Semester First Semester
Section 6201
Online Yes
Credits One Credit
Location Online – Synchronous

This course will explore the different interpretations of religion emerging from the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School. First generation thinkers in this school understood religion, especially Judaism and Christianity, to be integral to modern social and cultural evolution. Religion must be studied, they felt, because it can both display forms of pathological socialization and yet be a resource for a critique of, and eventual emancipation from, oppressive social realities. After exploring key writings of the first generation of Critical Theorists, the course will examine Jürgen Habermas's evolving appreciation of religious contributions to social justice and conclude with a selection of readings on the continued relevance of religious voices in the public sphere from such third generation Critical Theorists as Seyla Benhabib and Nancy Fraser.

Department Theological
Schedule Thu
Start Time 10:00
End Time 13:00
Hours Per Week 2.5
Minimum Enrolment 3
Maximum Enrolment 5
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Means of Evaluation
Currently Offered Fall 2023