Board of Trustees

2018-2019 Members of the Board of Trustees

Officers of the Board

Stephanie Ling, Chair

James Ginther, Vice-Chair

John Vissers, Secretary

J. Dorcas Gordon, Interim Director

Founder Trustees

Michelle Voss Roberts
Principal, Emmanuel College

John Vissers
Principal, Knox College

Thomas Worcester, SJ
President, Regis College

Wayne Kirkpatrick
President, St. Augustine's Seminary

Christopher Brittain
Dean of Divinity, Trinity College

James Ginther
Dean, Faculty of Theology, University of St. Michael's College

Stephen Andrews
Principal, Wycliffe College

Independent Trustees

Paul Gooch

Ajit John

John Richardson

George Smith, CSB

Carolyn Tuohy

University of Toronto Representatives

Timothy Harrision
Chair and Graduate Chair, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

Enrico Raffaelli
Associate Professor, Department of Historical Studies