McCullough, Glenn

Glenn McCullough, Knox College
College: Knox College Emmanuel College
Degrees: PhD (St. Michael's)
Phone: 416-585-4547
Teaching Category:
Regular Tenure Stream
Appointment Status:
Basic Degree
GCTS Associate


Glenn McCullough joined the faculty of Knox College in 2023 as a joint appointment with Emmanuel College, where he’s been teaching since 2021. He previously taught courses in world religions and psychology at Seneca College, Toronto, and he taught courses in spiritual care and psychotherapy at Knox before joining Emmanuel. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada and a practicing psychotherapist.

His research interests include the spiritual, philosophical, and historical roots of various psychotherapeutic modalities; sleep, dreams, and dream interpretation in various cultural and religious contexts; biblical, theological, and interfaith traditions of Sophia; Christian and comparative mysticism; and theory and method in theology and religious studies.

His forthcoming book Jacob Boehme and the Spiritual Roots of Psychodynamic Therapy: Dreams, Ecstasy, and Wisdom will be published in Brill’s Studies in Theology and Religion series. Research for this work was generously funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and earned a SSHRC Storytellers award.

He lives in Scarborough with his wife, Rachel Tulloch, and their three kids, Cole, Ashlyn, and Caleb.

  • Publications

    • 2023. “Northrop Frye, C.G. Jung, and the Grand Scheme of Things: Mapping the Psycho-Mythical Cosmos.” The Journal of Religion 103(2).
    • 2023. “Anton Boisen Reconsidered: Psychiatric Survivor and Mad Prophet.” Journal of Religion and Health 62(1): 228-254.