Anang, Charles

Charles Anang
College: St. Augustine's Seminary
Degrees: STD (Gregorianum)
Teaching Category:
Teaching Stream
Appointment Status:
Basic Degree


Fr. Charles Anang was ordained to the priesthood for the archdiocese of Toronto in 1991, and completed his graduate degrees in theology at the Gregorian University in 1999 (doctoral thesis on St. Leo the Great). He is an Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at St. Augustine’s Seminary, and has taught Theological Integration; Creation, Anthropology, and Sin; Grace and Glory; Mariology; Ecclesiology; Sacraments I; Spirituality in Catholic Tradition. He has also been Director of Spiritual Formation from 2000-2022, given a diocesan assignment, and been involved with giving retreats and spiritual direction, as well as parish assistance.

  • Specializations

    • Theology of St. Leo the Great
    • Theological Anthropology
  • Publications

    • New Christ: Divine Filiation
    • New Christ: Priestly Configuration
    • New Evangelization: Starting Anew from Christ
    • Mystical Incarnation: “You are my Son, the Beloved
    • Won by the Divine Eagle: Mystical Union in Homilies, Retreats, Aids, & Counsels
    • Won by the Divine Eagle: More Homilies, Retreats, Aids, & Counsels
    • Unitive Stage: Live Jesus
    • Holy Spirit’s Renewal in Christ