Emmanuel College | Announcing Collaboration with Buddhist Association of Canada

Victoria University welcomed The Venerable Dayi Shi and other representatives from the Buddhist Association of Canada for a special Lunar New Year lunch at Emmanuel College on February 14, 2024. The Buddhist Association of Canada provided traditional vegetarian meals to mark the announcement of a $50,000 gift endowing the creation of The Venerable Dayi Shi Scholarship, which will be awarded annually to two Emmanuel College students pursuing studies with a Buddhist focus. 

During the lunch, Emmanuel and the Buddhist College of Canada, affiliated with the Buddhist Association of Canada, also announced the launch of a jointly offered non-degree continuing education program called Compassionate Canopy: Practical Buddhist Studies in Canada. This unique program, which kicks off in Fall 2024 with classes held at the new Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Bethany, Ontario, will not only cover the foundational principles of Buddhism but also delve into its practical applications in contemporary life. 

Read more about this exciting initiative here.

Emmanuel College Collaboration with Buddhist Association of Canada