Ways of Learning
College: Institute for Christian Studies
Instructor 1: Blomberg, Douglas
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First Semester
One Credit

Participants in the course will investigate and evaluate significant perspectives on the learning process in order to understand the assumptions of various theories and to interpret these from a biblically- informed standpoint. They will review current research into child development and learning (e.g. brain research, cognitive processes, multiple intelligences, learning styles ) in seeking to develop a coherent understanding of the relationships between various learning theories, on the basis of a Christian view of the person and of the knowledge. An action research project will enable participants to test an approach to learning that is relevant to their educational responsibilities. The course employs and extensive Study Guide, three books plus book chapters and journal articles, with an online discussion forum and Skype/ telephone conferencing. Participation in the forum and a professionally-oriented research paper will provide the basis for evaluation. Study Guide to accompany texts and readings; online discussion forum; Skype/ telephone conferencing. Online forum participation (30%); Research paper (70%).

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Fall 2014
Fall 2012
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