Field Education
College: Regis College
Instructor 1: Lavin, Margaret
Course Code: 
Second Semester
One Credit
Toronto (St George Campus)

(For students taking field education of 500 hours.) A three-month ministry placement in a setting chosen by the candidate in consultation with the Director of Theological Field Education. Completion will be at one or more of the following levels. If a person begins at Level 1, he or she must progress to Level 2. The levels are as follows: 1) Observer Ministry Placement: Two to three weeks observing and dialoguing with a practitioner in a chosen field of ministry; 2) Intern Ministry Placement: Engagement in a supervised ministry placement; and, 3) Level 3: Resident Ministry Placement: In collaboration with the Director of Theological Field Education, a candidate will develop and execute a project that will enhance a chosen site's services. This must be a project that can be sustained by the site and not solely dependent upon the skills and continued presence of the candidate. Two options for taking RGF3010 (two credits): 1. RGF3010Y (2 credits. RGF3010Y is usually offered from September until April of next year; or offered in the Summer.) 2. RGF3020H plus RGF3030H (1 credit each. RGF3020H is usually offered from September to December. RGF3030H is usually offered from January to April. In consideration of the need of students, either course can be offered in the Summer session.) Means of Evaluation: Case studies. Pass/Fail course.'

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Winter 2012
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