Curriculum: Organising the World for Learning
College: Institute for Christian Studies
Instructor 1: Blomberg, Douglas
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Second Semester
One Credit
Toronto (St George Campus)

Curriculum is the selection and organisation of experience for pedagogical purposes. The criteria  that determine what is selected and how it is organised articulate fundamental values about the nature of the world and our calling in it. This course will encourage critical evaluation of the criteria that are commonly employed and of how the curriculum can be shaped to better reflect a Christian worldview. Curriculum is conceived not as a static collection of materials, but as a dynamic plan that directs the learning process and governs the organically developing relationship between teachers and learners. The course employs an extensive Study Guide, two books plus book chapters and journal articles, with an online discussion forum and Skype/ telephone conferencing. Participation in the forum and a professionally- oriented research paper will provide the basis for evaluation. Study Guide to accompany texts and readings; online discussion forum; Skype/ telephone conferencing. Online Forum participation (30%); Research paper (70%). 

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Winter 2013
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