Toronto School of Theology
An ecumenical consortium affiliated with the University of Toronto


Centres and Programs


Large size and Diversity
The Toronto School of Theology (TST) and its member schools make up one of the largest ecumenical centres for theological education in the English-speaking world. The seven member schools and the 1500 students enroled within TST represent dozens of denominations and diverse theological and cultural traditions, creating unusually rich opportunities for theological conversation. On our doorstep is a university of over 80,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Although students are part of a sizable school in a very large university, you will find a smaller, more personal and very welcoming community within your "home college", one of TST's member colleges. Your home college provides not only fellowship but also worship services and other opportunities for spiritual growth, academic counsel, internships and field placements in settings of ministry (for its professional programs) and denominational connections.

Programs for Different Purposes
TST offers programs and courses for a wide variety of educational purposes. We have over a dozen professional and academic degree programs, and some colleges offer diploma programs as well. We offer nearly 500 courses per year.


The following students are the 2015 recipients of TST Board of Trustees scholarships and awards. Congratulations to all!

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