Graduate Masters Degree Programs

Master of Arts (MA) in Theological Studies (Conjoint)

The Master of Arts (MA) in Theological Studies is a full-time research master’s program intended to provide students with the analytical skills, methodological rigour and knowledge base that will enable them to carry out research at the leading edges of their areas of specialization. This master’s is a research degree very well suited for those desiring to pursue further research in a doctoral program. The degree is equally suitable for those wishing to pursue further specialized studies toward academic enrichment in their professional careers, such as in positions of leadership in ecclesiastical and related organizations, as well as in the private and public sectors (such as chaplains, teachers, social services workers, among others). The MA complements and builds towards the teaching and research done by faculty in the conjoint PhD program, all under the aegis of the Graduate Centre for Theological Studies, since some courses will allow interaction between master’s and doctoral students. The degree is offered conjointly by the University of Toronto and each of the participating TST member colleges, within the framework of the Memorandum of Agreement between UofT and TST.

  • Length: One year (maximum three years); full-time only

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Master of Theology (ThM)

The Master of Theology degree is intended for advanced and specialized theological study beyond the basic degree level. Option I (six courses plus thesis) can serve as preparation for some forms of teaching or for doctoral study. Option II (eight courses plus an extended essay), does not qualify a student for doctoral study, but provides opportunities for the scholarly enhancement of the practice of ministry or disciplined reflection on a specialized function in ministry.

  • Length: Minimum one year; maximum six years

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Master of Arts in Theology (MA) (St. Michael's) - Closed to new admissions*

The Master of Arts in Theology requires no previous theological studies and thus is similar in some respects to a basic degree. But since it moves students quickly to the point where they are able to participate in graduate degree seminars, it is considered a graduate degree. The MA provides excellent preparation for doctoral studies, though students should note that tuition costs are higher in the second year than for basic degree programs. Please note that the Master of Arts in Theology degree is awarded by the University of St. Michael’s College, and is not conferred conjointly with the University of Toronto and your college of registration. Students in such non-conjoint degrees have limited access to student and library services provided by the University of Toronto.

  • Length: Minimum two years (twelve courses, seven of which are at the graduate degree level, plus thesis); maximum six years

*CLOSURE: Please note that as of Fall 2016, TST closed admissions to the non-conjoint MA in Theology (University of St. Michael’s College). The new conjoint MA in Theological Studies replaces the non-conjoint MA in Theology. TST, of course, is strongly committed to supporting all students to the completion of the programs into which they were admitted.