Taylor, J. Glen

College: Wycliffe College
Degrees: PhD (Yale)
Email: glen.taylor@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416-946-3541
Teaching Category:
Appointment Status:
Basic Degree
GCTS Emeritus
  • Specializations

    • Classical Hebrew and other ancient Northwest Semitic languages
    • Old Testament (especially the books of Genesis and the Psalms, including its shape and Christology)
    • Worship in ancient Israel of gods other than Yahweh (especially the sun and the goddess Asherah)
    • Expository Preaching of the Bible (especially the Old Testament, with a focus on practical hermeneutics - i.e. bridging the gap between ancient text and contemporary idea for preaching)
    • Cultural and historical background to the Old Testament (especially the implications of archaeological discoveries for understanding the Old Testament)