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Current Courses

Course Code Course Name Semester
SMH2801HS A Journey Through History: The Jesuit Missions In Early Modern Canada Second Semester
TXP2511HS Boundaries & Bridges, Part 1 Second Semester
SMT2610HS Eco-Theology Faith and Practice Second Semester
EMP1431HS Education and Faith Formation Second Semester
EMB1506HS New Testament II Second Semester
KNP3521HS Psychotherapeutic Theories for Spiritual Care and Counselling Second Semester
KNB1501HS Understanding the New Testament Second Semester
EMF3020HY Contextual Education Full-year
EMB1501HF New Testament I First Semester
SMP3515HF Pastoral Care in the Classroom First Semester
KNP1601HF Theology & Practice of Ministry First Semester