Teaching Level(s) College(s) Department(s) Status


Current Courses

Course Code Course Name Semester
WYP2641HF Community Development: Tools and Practices for Transformation First Semester
TRT3881HS Diaspora Churches in the City: Adaptation of Space Second Semester
WYP3622HS Dual Citizenship: Gospel and Culture Second Semester
SMP3421HS Faith Development Across the Lifespan Second Semester
WYT2505HS Introduction to Anglican Theology: Ways of Reading the Bible in the English Church and Anglican Communion Second Semester
SMT2402HS Introduction to Liturgy Second Semester
SAP3256HF Spirituality & Catholic Educator First Semester
KNF3020HS Theological Field Education Second Semester
KNF3030HS Theological Field Education Second Semester
RGF3040HS Theological Reflection Seminar Second Semester
KNB1501HF Understanding the New Testament First Semester
WYB2660HS Who is Jesus? (NT II) Second Semester
WYP2118HF Anglican Liturgics First Semester
SMH6630HF Eastern Christian Encounters with Islam First Semester
WYB1513YF Elementary New Testament Greek First Semester
TRP6523HF Foundations in Psychodaynamic Theory First Semester
SMT1101HF Foundations of Theology First Semester
RGP3687HF Integration for Ministry I First Semester
WYP3621HF Landing the Plane: The Missional Church on the Ground First Semester
KNF3010HF Theological Field Education First Semester
KNF3020YY Theological Field Education Full-year
KNF3030YY Theological Field Education Full-year
KNT3631HF Theology of Religions: Diversity, Plurality and the Chrisllan Message First Semester
KNT6631HF Theology of Religions: Diversity, Plurality and the Christian Message First Semester