Taylor, J. Glen

PhD (Yale)

glen.taylor@utoronto.ca | 416-946-3541


  • Classical Hebrew and other ancient Northwest Semitic languages
  • Old Testament (especially the books of Genesis and the Psalms, including its shape and Christology)
  • Worship in ancient Israel of gods other than Yahweh (especially the sun and the goddess Asherah)
  • Expository Preaching of the Bible (especially the Old Testament, with a focus on practical hermeneutics - i.e. bridging the gap between ancient text and contemporary idea for preaching)
  • Cultural and historical background to the Old Testament (especially the implications of archaeological discoveries for understanding the Old Testament)
Appointment Status College Department(s) TST Teaching Category
Basic Degree
GCTS Emeritus
Wycliffe College Biblical Emeritus

Current Courses

Course Code Course Name Semester
WYB1101HF Accessing Hebrew and Greek Text without Knowing the Language First Semester
WYP6305HF Preaching from the OT First Semester
WYP3305HF Preaching the Old Testament First Semester
WYB5016HS Hebraica Second Semester