Recent Doctoral Dissertations

Archived Theses at the Toronto School of Theology

Are you wondering what kind of research has been done by Toronto School of Theology doctoral program graduates?

The lists below include recent DMin, ThD, and PhD doctoral dissertations. Theses from 2012 onward can be accessed through TSpace, the University of Toronto's online research repository. Earlier theses may be found through TST member college libraries.


Within the listings of dissertations, the member colleges are denoted by the following:

EM = Emmanuel College KN = Knox College
RG = Regis College SA = St. Augustine's Seminary
SM = University of St. Michael's College TR = Trinity College
WY = Wycliffe College  


PhD (Theological Studies) / PhD (Theology) / ThD

Ahn, HoJin. (WY) A Constructively Critical Conversation Between Nonviolent and Substitutionary Perspectives on Atonement: Theological Motifs and Christological Implications. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Joseph Mangina. Fall 2018.

Avendaño Manzanares, José Luis. (WY) Theodicy in Light of Theologia Crucis: Martin Luther Before the Mystery of Human Suffering. PhD (Theology). Supervisor:      Joseph Mangina. Fall 2018.          

Ayala, Andres. (SM) The Agent Intellect in Aquinas: A Metaphysical Condition of Possibility of Human Understanding as Receptive of Objective Content. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Gilles Mongeau. Fall 2018.

Bajzek, Brian Leo. (RG) An Exigence for the Other: Exploring Intersubjectivity through Lonergan, Levinas, and Girard. PhD (Theological). Supervisor: John Dadosky. Fall 2018.

Barenthin, Glenn Karl. (TR) Is God Necessary for Human Cooperation? PhD (Theological). Supervisor: David Neelands. Spring 2019./p>

Brown, Shaun Christopher. (WY) The Israel of God: Scripture, Ecclesiology, and Ecumenism in the Theology of George Lindbeck. PhD (Theological). Supervisor: Joseph Mangina. Spring 2019.

Buligan, Kathleen Christie. (WY) Forgotten Voices: Recovering the Voices of Nineteenth-Century Canadian Women Interpreters of the Old Testament. ThD. Supervisor: Marion Taylor. Spring 2019.          

Cavanagh, Samantha. (EM) Constructing a Just City: A Feminist Theo-Ethical Contribution. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Marilyn Legge. Fall 2018.

Cho, Ji Hoon. (KN) An Investigation of a Homiletical Utility of the Apostles' Creed as a Means of Preaching the Gospel Faithfully and Effectively. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Paul Wilson. Fall 2018.          

de Fleuriot de la Colinière, Loys. (KN) Exploring the Exuberant Abundance of Seeing-Knowing, Hoping, and Doing: A Proposal for a Social Trinitarian Praxis. PhD (Theological). Supervisor: Charles Fensham. Spring 2019.                                  

Green, Erin Elizabeth. (EM) Robots and AI: The Challenge to Interdisciplinary Theology. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Michael Bourgeois. Fall 2018.                                  

Hartin, Cole William. (WY) The Fitness of Scripture: Richard Chenevix Trench and Victorian Doctrines of Scripture. PhD (Theological). Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2019.          

Jeong, Dae Jun. (WY) Thematic Dynamics of Characters' Outward Appearance in the David Narrative. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Glen Taylor. Fall 2018.                   

Kampen, Melanie. (EM) The Spectre of Reconciliation: Mennonite Theology, Martyrdom , and Trauma. PhD (Theological). Supervisor: Marilyn Legge. Spring 2019.                                  

Labriola, Christina Marie. (RG) Music as "Sacramental": Foundations for a Theology of Music in the Spiritual Life. ThD. Supervisor: Gill Goulding. Fall 2018.

Lee, Jae Gil. (RG) Sources and Issues in Contemporary Christian Contemplative Prayer: Thomas Keating's Centering Prayer and John Main's Christian Meditation. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Michael Stoeber. Fall 2018.                                  

Mabry, Eric Andrew. (RG) Inquantum est temporaliter Homo factum: Background, Reception, Meaning, and Relevance of the Hypothesis of esse secundarium in the Christology of Thomas Aquinas. PhD (Theology). Co-supervisors: Robert Sweetman and Jeremy Wilkins. Fall 2018.

Moon, Sung Il. (KN) Jeong and Empathy for Pastoral Care and Counselling in the Korean Protestant Context. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Joseph Schner. Fall 2018.

Park, Jaechan. (RG) Thomas Merton's Encounter with Buddhism and Beyond: His Interreligious Dialogue, Inter-Monastic Exchanges and Their Legacy. ThD. Supervisor: John Dadosky. Fall 2018.          

Prokecz, Antal. (SM) To Be in Dialogue: A “Therapeutic” Approach and the Example of the Council of Chalcedon. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Fall 2018.

Reed, Ryan Maynor. (KN) "Seek Nothing Elsewhere Than in Him": John Calvin on Happiness and the Highest Good. PhD (Theological). Supervisor: John Vissers. Spring 2019.

Robinson, Billie Anne. (TR) Laughing in the Face of Violence: Theological Implications of the Inter-relationships between Violence and Humour in the Book of Judges. ThD. Supervisor: Charles Fensham. Spring 2019.

Silcox, Katharine Leigh. (WY) Discerning the Truth in a Divided Realm: Five Types of Christian Comprehension, Erasmus, Hooker, Chillingworth, Wilkins and Watts. ThD. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2019.                                  

Sirek Eperjesi, Ann Maria Theresia. (RG) The Problem With Solutions: A Thomistic Narrative of Suffering as an Alternate Foundation for Medical Ethics. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Robert Sweetman. Fall 2018.                                  

Smith, Paul William. (WY) Auctoritas and Potestas in the Apostolic Constitutions. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Richard Vaggione. Fall 2018.

Song, Youngmin. (SM) Toward an Ecological Conversion: Ecospiritual Literacy for Developing Roman Catholic Ecological Education. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Dennis O'Hara. Fall 2018.          

Witt, Andrew Carl. (WY) David Without End: The Role of the Figure of David in Psalms 3-14. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Christopher Seitz. Fall 2018.

Zacharia, Manoj. (TR) A Study of Pluralistic Inclusivism as Interreligious Theological Method. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Abrahim Khan. Fall 2018.                      


Landau, Lucinda Annette. (TR) Investigation of the Arcus Vitae Life Review as a Spiritual Care Intervention at End of Life in Long Term Care: A Phenomenological Hermeneutical Qualitative Research Study. DMin. Supervisor: Pamela McCarroll. Spring 2019.

Rude, Brian. (KN) Dialogue as a Faith Response to Social Violence in El Salvador: A Pastoral-Theological Analysis of the Response of IPAZ to Gang Violence. DMin. Supervisor: John Vissers. Spring 2019.

Tatarnic, Daniel Patrick. (TR) It is No Longer I Who Live: Understanding Priestly Formation From Within a Pedagogy of Holiness. DMin. Supervisor: Gill Goulding. Spring 2019.

Wardlaw, Robert Duncan. (EM) Upstairs, Downstairs: Breaking Bread in an Urban United Church. DMin. Supervisor: William Kervin. Spring 2019.

PhD (Theological Studies) / PhD (Theology) / ThD

Boldt, Jeffrey (WY). From Butler to Thornton: A Typology of Conflicting Readings of the Two Books of Scripture and Nature in the Church of England from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century. ThD. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2018.

Csinos, David Michael (EM). An Exploration of Children and Culture in the United Church of Canada. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Supervisor: Pamela Couture. Fall 2017.

Eades Jr., Keith Michael (RG). And in Our Hearts Take up Thy Rest: The Trinitarian Pneumatology of Frederick Crowe, S.J. ThD. Supervisor: Jeremy Wilkins. Fall 2017.

Eaton, Matthew (SM). Enfleshing Cosmos and Earth: An Ecological Theology of Divine Incarnation. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Supervisor: Dennis O’Hara. Fall 2017.

Francois, Mark Steven (WY). Something Old, Something Borrowed, or Something New? The Relationship Between the Succession Treaty of Esarhaddon and the Curses of Deuteronomy 28. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Christopher Seitz. Fall 2017.

Friesen, Layton Boyd (WY). Unity in Difference: Hans Urs Von Balthasar's Christology as Resource for a Mennonite Theology of Peace. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Joseph Mangina. Fall 2017.

Gardner, Philip Alan Tennant (EM). A Holy or a Broken Hallelujah: The United Church of Canada in the 1960s Decade of Ferment. ThD. Supervisor: Phyllis Airhart. Spring 2018.

Gibson, John William (SM). Hermeneutical Cosmotheoria & the Experience of God in Origen of Alexandria. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Jaroslav Skira. Fall 2017.

Goudy, Welsey Miles (WY). Constantine in Scriptural Mode: John Foxe’s “Magisterial” Revisions to Acts and Monuments’ Second Edition (1570). ThD. Co-Supervisors: Alan Hayes and Ephraim Radner. Spring 2018.

Isgandarova, Nazila (EM). Islamic Counselling Today: The Case Of Domestic Violence. PhD (Theology). Co-Supervisors: Pamela Couture and Nevin Reda El-Tahry. Fall 2017.

Kim, Bokyung (EM). The Function of the Portrayal of the Debate in the Gospel of Mary: Making Authority Claims by Appealing to the Contemporary Models of Authority. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Bradley McLean. Fall 2017.

Kim, Hae Young (KN). The Negative Self-Image of Korean Women and Pastoral Responses. PhD (Theology). Co-Supervisors: Nam Soon Song and Andrew Irvine. Fall 2017.

Lee, Bo Yeon Briana (KN). The Development of the Jeremiah Figure: From Destruction to Restoration. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Judith Newman. Fall 2017.

Lee, Jin Hwan (WY). Meal Practices in Associations: Reimagining Social Conflicts at the Corinthian Lord's Supper. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: John Kloppenborg. Fall 2017.

Nam, Ho Jin (KN). Attitude Towards the Torah and Gentiles in Matthew 28:18-20: End-Time Proselytes, Righteous Gentiles or New People? PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Terence Donaldson. Fall 2017.

Nguyen, Peter (RG). Prepared by the Spirit and Transformed in Christ: The Martyrdom of Alfred Delp, S.J. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Gill Goulding. Fall 2017.

Obiero, Nicholas (SM). Towards a Theology of Mission and Evangelization in Kenya in a Post-Colonial Context: Challenges and Opportunities. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: John Dadosky. Fall 2017.

Otu, Idara (RG). The Ecclesiology of Communion and Social Transformation: From the Second Vatican Council to the Second African Synod. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Jaroslav Skira. Fall 2017.

Park, Jaechan (RG). Thomas Merton’s Encounter with Buddhism and Beyond: His Interreligious Dialogue, Inter-Monastic Exchanges and their Legacy. ThD. Supervisor: John Dadosky. Fall 2017.

Penner, Kimberly Lynn (EM). Discipleship as Erotic Peacemaking: Toward a Feminist Mennonite Theo-ethics of Embodiment and Sexuality. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Marilyn Legge. Fall 2017.

Ramos, Marcos Antonio (SM). Unctus est a Patre Spiritu: The Baptism of Jesus, Irenaeus of Lyons, and his Interpreters. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Jaroslav Skira. Fall 2017.

Scruggs, Lane Madison (WY). The Bible Riots, The Church Question, and Evangelical Theology: Alexander Campbell, Charles Hodge, and John Williamson Nevin on the True Church. ThD. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2018.

Shepardson, Andrew Isaac (TR). Who's Afraid of the Unmoved Mover?: The Failure of Postmodern Evangelical Rejections of Natural Theology. PhD (Theological Studies). Supervisor: David Neelands. Spring 2018.

Spellacy, Rebecca Ann (TR). Receiving Our Brother: An Investigation into the Importance of the Body in the Burial Office of the Episcopal Church. ThD. Supervisor: David Neelands. Spring 2018.

Vaillancourt, Ian James (WY). The Multifaceted Portrayal of the Figure of Salvation in Psalms 110 and 118: A Canonical Study. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Glen Taylor. Fall 2017.

Walker, Michael Alexander (KN). Embodying Community: a Transformative and Sacramental Ecclesiology of Disability. ThD. Supervisor: Thomas Reynolds. Spring 2018.

Watson, George Simon Robert (EM). God In Creation: The Challenge and Possibility of Discerning Human Purpose from an Evolving Nature. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Michael Bourgeois. Fall 2017.

Wilder, Johnnie (SM). Epiphanius as a Hebraist: A Study of the Hebrew Learning of Epiphanius of Salamis. PhD-USCM. Co-Supervisors: Jaroslav Skira and Pablo Argárate. Fall 2017.

Yang, Mi-Weon (KN). A Theological Exploration of Salim as an Approach to Pastoral Care and Counselling for Korean Immigrant Women in North America. PhD (Theology). Co-Supervisors: Nam Soon Song and Pamela McCarroll. Fall 2017.

Yetman, Berthan Marie (RG). The Crisis of the Fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Notion of the Common Good in David Hollenbach. PhD (Theology). Co-Supervisors: Mary Jo Leddy and Mary Rowell. Fall 2017.

Zeichman, Christopher (EM). Military-Civilian Interactions in Early Roman Palestine and the Gospel of Mark. PhD (Theology). Supervisor: Leif Vaage. Fall 2017.


Durham, Matthew Morden (SM). Administration as Ministry: A Hospice Case Study. DMin. Co-Supervisors: Joseph Schner and Anne Anderson. Fall 2017.

Hanna, Sameh (KN). Forced Out of the Walls: The Effects of Egypt's Civil Uprising on the Kasr El Dobara Evanglical Church (A Case Study). DMin. Supervisor: Joseph Schner. Spring 2018.

Henderson, Gail Marie (WY). Transformative Conversion in a Canadian Rural Anglican Congregation: Challenges and Responses A Case Study on St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Ravenscliffe, Ontario. DMin. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2018.

Kennific, Keith A. Joseph (RG). God Addressed in Risky Ways: an Experience of Psalm 35. DMin. Supervisor: Joseph Schner. Fall 2017.

Maitland, Gordon Raymond (TR). According to Thy Word: An Interpretation of the Meaning of Traditional Liturgical Prose. DMin. Supervisor: David Neelands. Spring 2018.

Shaw, Sally (EM). The Dynamic of "Ordered Liberty:" Forming United Church Worship Leaders in the Atlantic School of Theology Chapel. DMin. Supervisor: William Kervin. Spring 2018.

Spruill, R. Leigh (WY). The Priority of Mission and the Sociality of Salvation: The Influence of Missional Communities on Parish Fellowship within St. George’s Church, Nashville, Tennessee. DMin. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2018.

Szatmari, Ferenc (KN). New Home in a New Land: Opportunities for Ministry Amongst New Landed Immigrants. DMin. Supervisor: Andrew Irvine. Spring 2018.

PhD (USMC) / ThD

Arp, Joshua (WY). Revision and Preservation in the Redaction of the Pentateuch: A Case Study of Genesis 34. PhD/B  Supervisor: Sarianna Metso. Fall 2016.

Boehmer, David John (TR). Kierkegaard and the Capax: The Capacity of the Finite for the Infinite in History and the Moment. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Abrahim Khan. Fall 2016.

Boersma, Spencer (WY). The Baptist Vision: Narrative Theology and Baptist Identity in the Thought of James Wm. McClendon, Jr. ThD /Th. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2017.

Chan, John Yan Yee (TR). The Theology of Glory and The Theology of the Cross in Luther’s Postils. ThD/Th. Supervisor: Victor Shepherd. Spring 2017.

Cho, Hyuk (EM). Sharing Concern for Justice: Becoming an Intercultural Church as a Postcolonial Mission Practice in the Canadian Context of Integrative Multiculturalism. ThD/Th. Supervisor: Thomas Reynolds. Spring 2017.

Dobreva-Mastagar, Mariana (TR). Vernacular Religion in Diaspora: a case Study of the Macedono-Bulgarian group in Toronto. PhD/Th. Co-supervisors: Donald Wiebe and Joshua Barker. Fall 2016.

Edwards, James Andrew (WY). Keeping the Command: Karl Barth's Moral Theology in Dialogue with Late Medieval Scholasticism. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Joseph Mangina. Fall 2016.

Fusco, Mark Peter (RG). Consciousness in the Wilderness of Mirrors: Trinitarian Kenosis and Created Difference in the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Gill Goulding. Fall 2016.

Green, Matthew Robert (RG). An Analysis of Dallas Willard's Theology of Emotion in Light of Contemporary Neuropsychology. PhD/P. Co-supervisors: David Reed and Joseph Schner. Fall 2016.

Jeon, Kyung-mee (SM). The Rhetoric of the Pious Empire and the Rhetoric of Flight from the World: a Socio-Rhetorical Reading of the Life of Melania the Younger. PhD/H. Supervisor: T. Allan Smith. Fall 2016.

Joo, Heun Kyu (KN). The God of Compassion at Mount Sinai - A Literary and Theological Interpretation of the Tangled Mix of Law and Narrative in the Sinai Pericope (Exodus 19:1-24:11). PhD/B. Co-supervisors: Marion Taylor and Glen Taylor. Fall 2016.

Lim, Jae Yang (KN). A Homiletics of Communal Participation in the Spirit for the Contemporary Church. PhD/P. Supervisor: Paul Wilson. Fall 2016.

Loewen, Margreta Susanne Guenther (EM). Making Peace with the Cross: A Mennonite-Feminist Exploration of Dorothee Sölle and J. Denny Weaver on Nonviolence, Atonement, and Redemption. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Michael Bourgeois. Fall 2016.

Lofft, Jonathan (TR). A Blessed Word: The Mixed Life of Edward Marion Chadwick (1840-1921. ThD/H. Supervisor: David Neelands. Spring 2017.

Lott, Wayne (RG). Human Participation in the Eternal Law through the Natural Law in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas and Bernard Lonergan: Transpositions from a Classical to a Modern Mindset. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Gordon Rixon. Fall 2016.

Mpereh, Samuel (SM). The Potency of Rituals in Effecting Stability in Communities: An Examination of Paul’s Interventions in 1 Cor 11:17-34. PhD/B. Supervisor: Colleen Shantz. Fall 2016.

Na, Hyun Kee (EM). "Go, Sell Your Possessions, and Give to the Poor..., Follow Me": The Significance of the Ideal of Radical Poverty in John Cassian (ca. 360-ca. 435). PhD/H. Supervisor: T. Allan Smith. Fall 2016.

Olkovich, Nicholas (SM). The Politics of Decline and Retrieval: Bernard Lonergan's Foundations for Democratic Practice. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Michael Vertin. Fall 2016.

Palmer, Carmen (EM). Converts at Qumran: The Gēr in the Dead Sea Scrolls as an Indicator of Mutable Ethnicity. PhD/B. Co-supervisors: Judith Newman and Sarianna Metso. Fall 2016.

Potter, Brett David (SM). Broken Open by Beauty: Art and Metaphysics in the Theological Aesthetics of Hans Urs von Balthasar. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Rebekah Smick. Fall 2016.

Tran, Quan Minh (RG). Toward a More Profound Reciprocity: The Conversation between Ignatian Spirituality and Vietnamese Culture. ThD/P. Supervisor: Gill Goulding. Fall 2016.

Wang, Paul Chua (WY). The Purpose of Election in Romans 9:11: Rethinking the Doctrine of Predestination Through the Theology of the Cross. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Fall 2016.

Yoon, Manhee (WY). The Fate of the Man of God from Judah: A Literary and Theological Reading of 1 Kings 13. PhD/B. Supervisor: Christopher Seitz. Fall 2016.


Cavanagh, Catherine Mary (RG). Ministry Amidst Diversity: Exploring Hospitality in Ontario Catholic School Chaplaincy. DMin. Supervisor: Mary Jo Leddy. Fall 2016.

Fingas, Deborah (EM). Towards Harmony: Connecting with God Through Participation in a Church Music Group. DMin. Supervisor: William Kervin. Spring 2017.

Muir, Stephen Douglas (TR). Why Do They Stay? Lay Church Leaders and the Demands of Institutional Change. DMin. Supervisor: David Neelands. Spring 2017.

Pedersen, Lydia (EM). Sing A New Song! Theological Reflection Based in Hymn Text Writing: A Workshop. DMin. Supervisor: William Kervin. Spring 2017.

Scrivens, Mona (KN). Spiritual Expectations and Experience of Women with Newborns. DMin. Supervisor: Joseph Schner. Spring 2017.

Vais, Heather Jane (KN). Beyond Cordiality: Interpreting Practices of Mutual Hospitality toward Building Interculturally Competent Community at Thornhill Presbyterian Church. DMin. Supervisor: J. Dorcas Gordon. Spring 2017.


Alban, Ary Fernandez (EM). Rethinking Theology in Revolution: A Critical Retrieval of Sergio Arce's Theological Work, its Legacy and Relevance for Re-Articulating Liberation Theologies in Cuba, Latin America, and the Caribbean. ThD/Th. Supervisor: Lee Cormie. Spring 2016.

Basumatary, Shyam Kumar (TR). Bodo Saori as a Resource for an Integrative Model of Christian Religious Education in a Postcolonial Perspective: A Subaltern Approach. PhD/P. Supervisor: Thomas Reynolds. Fall 2015.

Cho, Yongsoon (KN). Christian Education for Public Society: Based on Parker Palmer's Educational Theory. PhD/P. Supervisor: Nam Soon Song. Fall 2105.

Damnyag, Jerome (RG). Violence, the Cross and Social Transformation: Toward a Critical Appropriation of a Theology of Non-Violence for an African Context. PhD/Th. Supervisor: John Dadosky. Fall 2015.

Egger, John Andrew (EM). A Most Troublesome Text: Galatians 4:21-5:1 in the History of Interpretation. PhD/B. Supervisor: Leif Vaage. Fall 2015.

Ezenezi, Francis (RG). Contemporary Challenges For Vatican II’s Theology Of The Laity: The Nigerian Church Experience. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Jaroslav Skira. Fall 2015.

Fuyarchuk, Andrew (TR). Gadamer on the Inner Voice: Mediating Between the Humanities and Sciences. ThD/Th. Co-supervisors: Donald Wiebe and James DiCenso. Spring 2016.

Gauthier, Richard (TR). Turning Loss into Gain: Historical, Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Church Conversions, Guided by the Writings of Walter Benjamin. ThD/Th. Supervisor: Donald Wiebe. Spring 2016.

Maxwell, Drew (SM). Our Present Object: Dynamic and Powerful Eschatology alongside Dynamic and Powerful Political Ideology in the Historical Work of Eusebius and His Continuators. PhD/H. Co-supervisors: T. Allen Smith and Alan Hayes. Fall 2015.

Neufeld, Dane (WY). Scripture, Skepticism and the Character of God: The Theology of Henry Mansel. ThD/Th. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2016.

Ney, David Paul Aikins (WY). Scripture and Providence: The Hutchinsonian Quest to Save the Old Testament. ThD/Th. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Spring 2016.

Parkes, Stephen Herndon Persons (EM). My Word Shall Not Return to Me Empty: A Sacramental Homiletic of Appropriation and Action. ThD/P. Supervisor: Paul Wilson. Spring 2016.

Philipps, Kathleen (SM). Hospitality and Emerging Populations: Toward a Theology of Migration in the Context of the Catholic Church in the United States. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Thomas Reynolds. Fall 2015.

Ruso, Domenic (WY). Hermeneutical Themes in the Writings of Richard Hooker: The Complications of Sola Scriptura. PhD/Th. Supervisor: David Neelands. Fall 2015.

Schoon, Christopher (WY). Toward a Communally Embodied Gospel: Exploring the Role of Worship in Cultivating an Evangelistic Character among God's People within the Missional Church Movement. ThD/P. Co-supervisors: David Reed and John Bowen. Spring 2016.

Shaw, Charles Pierson (SM). Toward a Renewed Theology and Practice of Confirmation. PhD/Th. Supervisor: William Kervin. Fall 2015.

Walls, David (TR). The Influence of the Greek Fathers' Doctrine of Pneumatology and Theosis on John Wesley's Doctrine of Pneumatology and Perfection. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Ephraim Radner. Fall 2015.

Woodward, Andrew (TR). Scientific Models for Religious Knowledge: Is the Scientific Study of Religious Activity Compatible with a “Religious Epistemology”? ThD/Th. Supervisor: Donald Wiebe. Spring 2016.

Wright, Catherine Ann (RG). In the Darkness Grows the Green: The Promise of a New Cosmological Horizon of Meaning Within A Critical Inquiry of Human Suffering and the Cross. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Dennis O’Hara. Fall 2015.


Baldwin, Caroline Maureen (RG). Canadian Roman Catholic Young Adults Who Persevered In Faith. DMin. Supervisor: Joseph Schner. Fall 2015.

Barron, Andrew (WY). A Representation of the Beliefs, Experiences, and Ideals of a Group of Jewish People who Believe in Jesus. DMin. Supervisor: Victor Shepherd. Spring 2016.

Garbin, Jennifer Lynn (EM). The Missing Voice: Discovering the Alternative Faith Practice of Christian Emerging Adults in Canada. DMin. Supervisor: Brian Clarke. Spring 2016.

Jamieson, Anne (RG). Exploring the Ecclesial Identity of the Catechist through the Hermeneutic of "Full, Conscious, and Active Participation". DMin. Supervisor: John Dadosky. Fall 2015.

Kerrigan, Donna (EM). "What Language Shall I Borrow?": How a United Church Congregation Articulates its Choices from the 41st General Council's Recommendations Regarding Peacebuilding in Israel/Palestine. DMin. Supervisor: Pamela Couture. Spring 2016.

Ketelaars, Bernardine (SM). Harkening to the Voices of the “Lost Ones”: Attending to the Stories of Baptized Roman Catholics No Longer Participating in the Worship and Community Life of the Church. DMin. Co-supervisors: Jaroslav Skira and Michael Attridge. Fall 2015.

Leung, Rosa Yuk Chu (KN). The Spiritual Needs of the New Adult Believers at Valencia Chinese Alliance Church in Venezuela. DMin. Supervisor: Andrew Irvine. Spring 2016.

McMaster, John (KN). Scripture's Role in Discerning Theology in the United Church of Canada. DMin. Supervisor: Stuart Macdonald. Spring 2016.

VanderWal Gritter, Wendy (KN). Generous Spaciousness: Influencing the Experience of Participants in Dialogue on Same-Sex Marriage. DMin. Supervisor: Charles Fensham. Spring 2016.


Adkins, Andrew (WY). For the Love of Right Angles: Bedan Archetypes of Ethnicity as a Mystical Map of the Wholeness of Salvation within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. PhD/H. Co-supervisors: Alan Hayes and Andrew Orchard. Fall 2014.

Amoussou, Luc (RG). Acts as a Hidden Transcript of Political Resistance: The Lukan Narrative of Infrapolitics. PhD/B. Supervisor: Terence Donaldson. Fall 2014.

Chae, Hyeok-su (KN). Analysis of the Present Curriculum: The Kingdom of God, and Proposal for the Future Curriculum of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. PhD/P. Supervisor: Nam Soon Song. Fall 2014.

Fortin, Jean-Pierre (SM). Grace in Auschwitz: A Glimpse of Light in Utter Darkness. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Gilles Mongeau. Fall 2014.

Freeman, Sarah (SM). Preaching & Peacemaking: A Mennonite Homiletic of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation. PhD/P. Co-supervisors: Dorcas Gordon and Lydia Harder. Fall 2014.

German, Brian (WY). Martin Luther’s First Psalm Lectures and the Canonical Shape of the Hebrew Psalter. PhD/B. Supervisor: Christopher Seitz. Fall 2014.

German, Igal (WY). The Inner-Textual Unity of Genesis 2–4 Against the Backdrop of the History of Exegesis on the Narratives of Sin with Literary-Theological Implications. PhD/B. Supervisor: Glen Taylor. Fall 2014.

Han, Kyongkuk (KN). An Investigation of the Potential of Traditional Korean Narrative as a Model of Contextual Preaching for the Korean Protestant Church. PhD/P. Supervisor: Dorcas Gordon. Fall 2014.

Hofman, Marina (WY). Dream Type-Scene in Old Testament Narratives: Structure and Significance. PhD/B. Supervisor: Michael Kolarcik. Fall 2014.

Huang, Jeng-zen (WY). A Quantitative Study of the Vocalization of the Inseparable Prepositions in the Hebrew Bible. ThD/B. Supervisor: Glen Taylor. Spring 2015.

Joo, Kyo Don (EM). A Homiletic Geared Towards Ethical Living: An Examination of Gospel and the Third Use of the Law with Relation to the Divine and Human Roles in Sanctification. PhD/P. Supervisor: Paul Wilson. Fall 2014.

Knoke, Derek (EM). Proclamation as Revelation: The Gospel as a Means of Re-presenting Ethical Life. PhD/P. Supervisor: Paul Wilson. Fall 2014.

McDonald, Mary (RG). Body-Psyche-Mind in the Self-Appropriation of the Subject: Complexifying Lonergan’s Account of Nature and Supernature. ThD/Th. Co-supervisors: Gilles Mongeau and Robert Doran. Fall 2014.

Pawlus-Kasprzak, Gabriela (SM). The Ties that Bind: Religion and Nationalism amongst Polish(-)Canadian Immigrants during the Interwar Period. PhD/H. Supervisor: Mark McGowan. Fall 2014.

Sharman, Scott (SM). The Way of Sergius: Sergei Bulgakov and the Contemporary Search for Christian Unity. PhD/Th. Supervisor: T. Allan Smith. Fall 2014.

Smyth, Bernard (RG). From Babel to Pentecost: Using the Soteriologies of  Gustavo Gutierrez and Aloysius Pieris to Challenge Facets of the Project of Neo-Liberal Globalization and Nurture the Development of New Liberation Theologies. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Lee Cormie. Fall 2014.

Williams, Karen (EM). Paul-Making History: In Search of a Sartrean Biographical Method. PhD/B. Co-supervisors: Leif Vaage and Joseph Bryant. Fall 2014.


Armstrong, Lloyd (WY). Team Ministries in Anglican Parishes in the Maritime Provinces of Canada: Considerations for Formation and Development. DMin. Supervisor: David Reed. Spring 2015.

Blaksley, Mary Ann (RG). A Sacred Place for Wounded Souls. DMin. Supervisor: David Reed. Fall 2014.

Casas Aragon, Beidy (KN). A Theology and Practice for Equipping Youth Ministers in the Havana Presbytery to Address Sexual Abuse in their Ministry with Adolescents/Youth. DMin. Supervisor: Dorcas Gordon. Spring 2015.

Chun, Joon Bum (RG). Christian Spiritual Direction for Korean Protestant Women: Focusing on God-Images. DMin. Supervisor: Michael Stoeber. Fall 2014.

Coupar, Regina (RG). The Ministry of Art: an Intrinsic Case Study. DMin. Supervisor: Rebekah Smick. Fall 2014.

Tosi, Eric (TR).  Koinonic Evangelism: A Case Study of the Theology and Practice of Evangelism as Practiced in Three Parishes of the Orthodox Church in America. DMin. Co-supervisors: Charles Fensham and John Bowen. Spring 2015.


Abaroa Bolona, Leonel (TR). Bovedas Espirituales: A Theological Study of Cuban Family Religions. PHD/Th. Director: Don Wiebe. Fall 2013.

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