Master of Divinity (MDiv)

This program, offered by all Toronto School of Theology member colleges, prepares individuals for ordained ministry and for responsibilities of general pastoral and religious leadership in congregations and other settings.

The minimum requirement for this degree is thirty (30) courses or equivalent units (15 credits), over a three-year period. Students may take a longer time to complete this program, but a minimum of two sessions must be devoted to full-time work, and it is educationally appropriate for the program to be completed within eight calendar years. See the Learning Outcomes document below.

Individual colleges may stipulate individual course requirements or a minimum quota of courses from any of the departments, and may require up to two additional courses. Colleges may also require prerequisites, corequisites and competency for ministry work outside of the degree program itself.

Individual colleges evaluate a student’s readiness for ministry according to requirements, conditions, and norms prescribed by the college itself.

Please note: For details about the program and the admission process, please contact your college(s) of interest directly.

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