Conjoint - Master of Theology (ThM)

This program is designed to deepen students' knowledge of theology and further their preparation for doctoral study or pastoral ministry. To accomplish this, two options for the ThM program are offered:

  • Option 1:  A program of six advanced level semester courses with a thesis of at least 12,500 words. The course of studies consists of four courses in an area of major interest and one course in each of two other areas (ancillary, if possible, to the thesis). This option should be selected by students who wish to prepare for doctoral studies.
  • Option 2:  A program of eight semester courses with an extended major paper. Six courses are to be selected in the area of major interest, two in areas of minor interest. At least four of the courses must be at the advanced level; up to four may by 3000-level courses with the provision that no 3000-level course can be taken where a 6000-level course is available. The major paper, resulting from one of the courses, is to be of 8000 words. Note: this ThM degree is a "terminal degree" and does not provide the basis for entry into a Toronto School of Theology (TST) doctoral program of studies.

Course work in the ThM program can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. The minimum time required to complete the program is one year, the maximum allowed is six years.

(NOTE: TST is currently not accepting applications for admission to the ThM II in Pastoral Counselling.)

Admission Requirements and Program Policies & Procedures

For complete admissions requirements and program policies and procedures, see the ThM Handbook.

To apply to the ThM program, visit How to Apply to a Graduate Degree Program.