Getting Started: Key Registration Information

[Please note: the information below pertains to students in conjoint programs only. If you are in a non-conjoint program, please contact your college registrar for registration information.]

The information below will help students in conjoint programs get started, but be sure to refer primarily to the information provided by your college. Your college registrar is your point of contact if you have questions about TCards, UTORids, ACORN, UHIP, fees, etc. 

Information for international students can be found below.

Quick Glossary

TCard: Your student ID card and library card.
UTORid: An eight-digit username that will allow you to access the University of Toronto Portal.
Portal: The Portal is how you access all online services at University of Toronto, including ACORN, email, your financial account, your courses via Blackboard, and more.
UTORmail: University of Toronto email system. You must activate and use your University of Toronto email address. UTORmail is accessible through the Portal.
ACORN: Accessible Campus Online Resource Network/Repository of Student Information. The registration system through which you register for courses, see your grades, communicate your address to your college/TST, etc.
Blackboard: Online course software, accessible via the Portal.
Fees: Invoices are available through ACORN and payment can be made online or at any major Canadian bank.


Your TCard is your student card and official university identification. You will use it as a library card and general identification card (for example, when you write your exams, pick up official documents, or access services for which you are elligible). You can get your TCard at the TCard Office. Please see the TCard Office website or more information, including locations and required documentation.


Your UTORid is your key to accessing the Portal (see below). When you get your TCard, you will be provided with your UTORid and SAK (Secret Activation Key), which is a one-time password to set up your UTORmail account.


The Portal is where you will find everything: your email, ACORN, your student account, Blackboard, etc. You can login from the Universtiy of Toronto home page, on each page of the TST website in the upper right corner, or directly at Portal.


It is TST and University of Toronto policy that each student must communicate via his or her University of Toronto email address. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly. Activate your account here. You will be asked to enter your UTORid (on the lower left hand of your TCard) and SAK (Secret Activation Key).

In order to receive emails through Blackboard from your instructor, your University of Toronto email address must be on ACORN. You are responsible for entering your email address on ACORN (accessible via the Portal, see above).

You can forward your emails from your University of Toronto email account to an outside account, but be aware that there are some issues with delays and emails that are filtered by outside accounts.


Students at TST are fortunate that virtually all aspects of course enrolment may be conducted in real time on ACORN, the University of Toronto's automated student records system.

You use ACORN to enrol in courses, change your mailing address, keep track of academic information and view your fees account. Once you log on to ACORN, your User ID is your University of Toronto student number. The first time you log on, your PIN is your birth date; you will be prompted to select a new PIN during your first session. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire that helps you reset your PIN in case you forget it. Registration instructions and information are provided to you by your home college registrar’s office.

If you want to update your address, telephone number or email, click on "Personal Information".

After registration for a session opens, TST students enrol themselves in courses via ACORN. This applies to all courses except for Reading & Research courses, comprehensive/general exams or theses. Students are responsible to note the published deadlines for adding and dropping courses.


Blackboard is the software used across University of Toronto and TST for online courses. All of your core courses and some of your other courses will be on Blackboard. When you enter the Portal, you will see your courses in the "My Courses" section. If a course you are taking is not there, ensure that you are enroled in the course on ACORN. Remember to put your University of Toronto email address on ACORN so you receive emails via Blackboard.

Please note: Blackboard is scheduled to be replaced by Quercus starting in Fall 2018. Further information will be available in Spring/Summer 2018.


Fees are paid at a major Canadian bank or via telephone or online banking. You are expected to check your invoice on ACORN. See the University of Toronto Student Accounts website for information about fee payment and check your college’s fee schedule for information about incidental fees. Current TST tuition fees are available here. Pay your fees as soon as possible. In each session, University of Toronto sets a date on which students’ registrations are financially cancelled for non-payment. Also, please check the University of Toronto Student Accounts website for interest charged on outstanding accounts.

International Students

Study Permit

If you have any questions about your Study Permit, please see your college registrar. For international students who are not planning on living in Canada during their studies, a Study Permit is still recommended to simplify travel and to make it possible to stay in Toronto for one or two sessions.

Work Permit

You may be eligible to work in Canada while studying and after you graduate. As a study permit holder, you may qualify to work on-campus or off-campus without an additional work permit if you meet specific criteria. You may also apply for a post-graduation work permit to continue working in Canada after you graduate from an eligible institution. Please check with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is compulsory for all international students. If you are not living in Canada, please see the UHIP office to see if you may arrange coverage only for the times that you are in Canada (please note that this may not be possible). If you have alternative coverage that you believe is as good or better than UHIP, go to the UHIP office with documentation to see if you may be exempted from UHIP. Note that UHIP is compulsory and it is a student’s responsibility to visit the UHIP office if you think there is a reason that you do not require UHIP.

Centre for International Experience (CIE)

Students in Conjoint Basic Degree Programs are encouraged to visit the Centre for International Experience (CIE) website or visit the Centre at Cumberland House, 33 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2E3; 416-978-2564