Course Catalogue 2019-2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, summer session classes may be delivered via a method other than in-person instruction (including online platforms) for part or all of the term. A final determination of delivery mode will be made by the college offering the course by April 24 for “F” summer courses, and by June 13 for “S” courses. Decisions regarding courses that cannot be accommodated online, or that are to be cancelled, will be communicated to students who have registered in those courses. Course registration for TST Summer courses opens via ACORN on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

The Image of God - Cancelled on May 6, 2019

WYT3215HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): Robinson, Peter //testing here

COLLEGE: Wycliffe College SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 10:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

To explore what it means to 'be in Christ' with particular reference to the question of the Imago Dei. Students will read from a wide variety of sources and explore different understandings of the Imago Dei from Western and Eastern Orthodox theologians. We will look at how these varied perspectives on the Imago Dei have informed classical theological categories including Trinitarian theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Theological Anthropology, Ecclesiology and Soteriology. These theological understandings will then be applied to appraise concepts of sanctification, a variety of ecclesial models and other issues of praxis.

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IFM/MAMS Pastoral Component

RGP3218HY L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): //testing here



A 200-hour supervised program to deepen and/or extend the personal and ministerial growth of IFM IMAMS participants. Several options available to students in consultation with Directors of IFM and MAMS programs.

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God One and Triune

RGT3222HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): //testing here

Graduate degree students enrol in RGT6222HF

COLLEGE: Regis College SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 14:00 to 16:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Close textual study of the Scriptural sources and doctrinal development of the Roman Catholic tradition of reflection on the identity of the God who is revealed in Jesus Christ Students develop a systematic understanding that addresses contemporary questions raised about traditional doctrine, leading to a personal and Ctitical appropriation in the traditional faith affirmations in light of preparation for pastoral ministry and theological leadership in the Church.

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Spirituality of Parish Ministry

SAP3222HY L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): Anang, Charles //testing here

COLLEGE: St. Augustine's Seminary SCHEDULE: TIME: NA to NA

CREDITS: One Credit

This course introduces the participant to the theological, spiritual and pastoral principles that inform and impact parish ministry. Models of an integrated life of holiness from Scripture and Tradition as well as practical strategies for effective pastoral and personal integration will be presented and reflected upon.

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Richard Hooker

TRH3236HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): Neelands, David //testing here

Graduate degree students enrol in TRH6236HF

COLLEGE: Trinity College SCHEDULE: Wed TIME: 14:00 to 16:00

CREDITS: One Credit

A review of all of the surviving works of Richard Hooker, often called the first theologian of Anglicanism, his Calvinism and reaction to Calvinism, his scholasticism, and his defence of the institutions of the Church of England.

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Priestly Spirituality

SAP3238HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): //testing here

COLLEGE: St. Augustine's Seminary SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 9:00 to 11:00

CREDITS: One Credit

An examination of the vocation, identity and lifestyle of the Catholic priest for the fostering of his holiness, integrity and health in ministry and the spiritual life.

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Supervised Practice and Appropriation of the Ministry of Spiritual Direction

RGP3269HY L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): //testing here

Graduate degree students enrol in RGP6269HY

COLLEGE: Regis College SCHEDULE: Fri TIME: 10:00 to 12:00

PRE-REQUISITES: Practicum in Spiritual Direction RGP3661H, Retreat in Everyday Life RGP3248Y, RGP3687H & RGP3688H. Co-requisite: On-going participation in the practice of spiritual direction. CREDITS: One Credit

This course is designed to intensify the experience of individual spiritual direction and supervision initiated in Practicum in Spiritual Direction: RGP3/6661 and Retreat in Everyday Life: RGP3/6248. Through supervision and discernment the director grows in a deeper awareness of responses to a perceived presence or absence of God in the ministry of spiritual direction. Supervision is valued as a way to enable the spiritual director to help others recognize and integrate God's presence and direction in every aspect of life. Through an integrative theological reflection paper and a pastoral competency interview, the course is intended to reveal the spiritual director's appropriated theology and practice of spiritual direction as a ministry.

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Theological Anthropology

RGT3310HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): Goulding, Gill K. //testing here

Graduate degree students enrol in RGT6310HF

COLLEGE: Regis College SCHEDULE: Wed, Fri

CREDITS: One Credit

The human person in our contemporary culture has a fluid spectrum of interpretation. Biblical precedents suggest a certain Judaeo-Christian hermeneutic while cultural mores reference alternatives. This course looks to explore the Roman Catholic tradition in identifying the graced human person and contemporary papal guidelines stressing the inherent dignity of the human person. Accordingly, time will be spent considering biblical foundations and questions posed by the text of Genesis and the Noahic covenant. Aquinas and key documents from Vatican II assist our exploration. The question of whether we are discerning the human person or designing humans arises. Identity and the sense of self are important issues raised with reference to both the Qumran community and the work of Charles Taylor. Hans Urs von Balthasa's reclaiming of personhood and the ecclesial person bridges into consideration of the way in which contemporary papacies have identified the human person and the concomitant dignity of every human being made in the image of God.

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Aristotle, Aquinas and the Scholastic Approach to the History of Philosophy

ICH3313HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): Sweetman, Robert //testing here

Graduate degree students enrol in ICH6313HF

COLLEGE: Institute for Christian Studies SCHEDULE: TIME: 9:30 to 12:30

CREDITS: One Credit

This seminar examines the scholastic approach to the history of philosophy exemplified by Etienne Gilson against the background of its foundation in the thought of Aristotle as it was appropriated by Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century.

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Doing Justice with Spirit - Cancelled on Aug 27, 2019

RGT3320HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2019 INSTRUCTOR(S): //testing here

Graduate degree students enrol in RGT6320HF

COLLEGE: Regis College SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 9:00 to 11:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Theological perspectives and spiritual practices for integrating faith and the work for justice, peace and a healthy environment.

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