Course Catalogue 2018-2019

Lay Ministry in the Diocesan Church

SAP3606HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2018 INSTRUCTOR(S): Lombardi, Josephine

COLLEGE: St. Augustine's Seminary SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 18:30 to 20:30

CREDITS: One Credit

Designed for the Lay Ministry in the Roman Catholic Church. Topics include an overview of theology, sociological context; Church context and pastoral aspects; an overview of lay ministry opportunities in the Church/world; ecclesiological and sacramental principles, and the rights and obligations of lay ministers. Lectures, class participation, six one-page reflection papers, and one short essay. Prerequisite: one year of theology or by permission of the instructor.

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Islamic Thought in the Modern Age (18-21 Cent CE)


COLLEGE: Emmanuel College SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

The course deals with the Muslim communities in the contemporary world. It is primarily concerned with the study of Islamic tradition and its peoples in the last two centuries- the period of Islamic reform in the wake of Western hegemony and the efforts of the community to readjust under the challenges of the liberal and technical age. The course will attempt to answer a basic question: What is happening to the Muslim community in the technical age and how has it responded to the challenges posed by "Westernization" through "modernization" through "secularization?

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The Historical Study of Acts

RGB3611HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2018 INSTRUCTOR(S): Bernier, Jonathan

Graduate degree students enrol in RGB6611HF

COLLEGE: Regis College SCHEDULE: Fri TIME: 9:00 to 11:00

PRE-REQUISITES: Introduction to NT CREDITS: One Credit

The Acts of the Apostles is our main source of information about the first Christian decades. It covers the movement's
initial efforts to regroup following the death of Jesus, as well as its earliest expansion into the Mediterranean world beyond Judea. In this course, we will read through the Acts and reflect upon both what it tells us about Christian origins and also its continuing relevance for contemporary Christianity.

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Religious Peacebuilding

EMP3619HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2018 INSTRUCTOR(S): Couture, Pamela D.

Graduate degree students enrol in EMP6619HF

COLLEGE: Emmanuel College SCHEDULE: Wed TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

PRE-REQUISITES: Basic course in Pastoral Theology CREDITS: One Credit

This course investigates the religious grounds for peacemaking today. Each student will be responsible for following and reporting on developments in one location represented by a Tanenbaum "Peacemaker-in-Action" throughout the course. Meanwhile, the evolution of the theological/ecclesial/interfaith discussion of peacemaking will be traced through the 20th century debate between pacifism and just war; conflict resolution and transformation; peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding; humanitarian aid and development; NGOs and the military. Students will be expected to explore these debates in relation to their "case study" and may write the case study from the perspective of any faith.

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Landing the Plane: The Missional Church on the Ground - Cancelled on Sep 10, 2018



CREDITS: One Credit

This course, set in an interactive seminar format, will explore and frame our understanding of the Church as missional. Beginning with the biblical underpinnings of missional thinking we will consider the local church, in conjunction with our historic 'attractional' sense of place, core purposes of the local church and the requisite theological understandings undergirding effective ministry will be explored. Located in the Canadian church context, it will be vital to consider the missional use of buildings and property, the use of technology as a tool for mission and the realities of current church structures and organization with respect to missional thinking.

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Eastern Christian Encounters with Islam - Cancelled on Sep 11, 2018


Graduate degree students enrol in SMH6630HF

COLLEGE: St. Michael's College SCHEDULE: Wed TIME: 17:00 to 19:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This course explores the theological, spiritual and pastoral dimensions of the historical encounter between Eastern Christianity and Islam. The focus is on Syriac and Arabic texts (in translation) composed by Christian and Muslim writers living in the region constituted by today's Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Turkey, from the 7-17th centuries. Regarding the interaction of the two faiths and their respective adherents, the primary sources exhibit a range of attitudes and approaches, articulated across a variety of genres. We will seek not only to understand the import of our texts for their original authors and audiences, but also to derive insights for addressing the challenges of religious pluralism in our day.

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Theology of Religions: Diversity, Plurality and the Chrisllan Message - Cancelled on Apr 25, 2018


Graduate degree students enrol in KNT6631HF

COLLEGE: Knox College SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This course will explore major approaches to the relationship between the Christian Faith and other religions in the context of the plurality and diversity of the contemporary world.

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Global Christianity, Mission and Sexuality - Cancelled on Jul 5, 2018


COLLEGE: Trinity College SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Contemporary received Christian missiology, exemplified by the Reformed theologian David J. Bosch's Transforming Mission and Pope Francis' Evangelii Gaudium, has placed God's mission, Missio Dei, at the centre of Christian life and witness. While this theology has been powerful in broader areas of justice, evangelism and renewal, it has often not grappled seriously with modern, post-modern and cross-cultural understandings and practices of sexuality. This failure has resulted in schisms and serious divisions in both local and global Christian churches, sectarianism based on a particular view of human sexuality (whether "liberal" or "conservative" or otherwise) and a flawed and divided Christian witness to the world. This course will attempt to explore the relation between Christian mission and sexuality in biblical, historical, theological and ecclesiological terms, respecting both the received tradition of the church but open to new manifestations of Christian faith and practice, and their relationship with the Missio Dei. The course will look at current global and local programmes relating mission and sexuality such as the Listening Process of the Anglican Communion as well as emerging areas of conflict such as changes in marriage canons to include same-sex unions. As much as possible, students will be expected to bring the experience of their churches to the course. Recognizing that many of these matters are not settled, the course is not prescriptive in requiring students to adopt a particular perspective but is designed to enable students to define their own views of mission and sexuality as they prepare for ministry at the local and global level.

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Indian Christianity: History, Thought, Practice

SMT3645HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2018 INSTRUCTOR(S): Locklin, Reid B.

Graduate degree students enrol in SMT6645HF

COLLEGE: St. Michael's College SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 10:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This seminar explores the claim of diverse Christian traditions in South Asia to be religious traditions of South Asia, with special attention to these traditions' indigenisation and social interactions with majority Hindu traditions. Our study will begin with an overview of the historical development of Christianity in India from the first century CE to the present. In a second unit, we move to close readings of major theological articulations for and against an indigenous South Asian Christianity. Finally, our attention will tum to the concept of "ritual dialogue" in Christian practice and the ethnographic study of Christian communities in India. Most of our attention will be focused on Christian traditions in South India, but students are encouraged to choose topics related to Christianity in other parts of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and/or Bhutan for their research papers.

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Evolution and Ecotheology


COLLEGE: Emmanuel College SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 14:00 to 16:00

PRE-REQUISITES: one intro course in Christian Theology AND one in the history of Christianity CREDITS: One Credit

This course considers the Darwinian theory of evolution as both source and challenge for the development of a Christian ecotheology. That is, if the Christian God is creator of all things but is also revealed in Christ to be costly love, then how can divine agency in creation be understood in light of scientific discoveries revealing that biological warfare undergirds the creative process of natural selection? The implications are significant for understanding Christian discipleship and ethics if indeed the human is made in God’s image with the capacity for creative or destructive “dominion” over earthly life (Gen. 1:26). Of particular concern, can biological evolutionary processes revealed by scientific methodologies offer Christians material for constructive human action in light of environmental concerns, and if so, how?

The course will therefore consider such issues as human origins and the place of humanity in creation; divine immanence, agency, and goodness in light of creaturely processes and ecosystems; the consequent demand for ecological literacy; the argument from design; theodicy; kenosis; and the relation of science to theology, or, more specifically, the means by which observed data and experience are interpreted as evidence to infer conclusions. The reading will draw upon the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Elizabeth A. Johnson, Sallie McFague, Philip Hefner, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Jay McDaniel, Arthur Peacocke, Holmes Rolston III, Monica A. Coleman, and Charles Darwin, amongst others.

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