Course Catalogue 2017-2018

Cultural Context & Catholic Leadership - Cancelled on Aug 22, 2017


Graduate degree students enrol in SMP6469HF

COLLEGE: St. Michael's College SCHEDULE: Mon TIME: 17:00 to 19:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This course will examine the Catholic Church's understanding of culture and context as it applies to and in relation to a Christian understanding of leadership. The association between education, culture and its context, and leadership will also be explored. An understanding of how growth and conversion into responsible and authentic adulthood becomes the integral foundation that links cultural context and Catholic leadership.

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Wisdom and Schooling


Graduate degree students enrol in ICP6482HF


CREDITS: One Credit

This course explores a biblical understanding of wisdom as an alternative to the theory into practice paradigm, which has dominated the way in which schooling is conducted at virtually all levels. According to the theory/practice story, schooling is the process by which theoretical insight and abstract academic understanding lay the foundations for an abundant life. The Christian gospel proclaims, however, that walking in the way of Jesus is truth and life. The challenge to the Christian school and the Christian teacher is how to be in the world of schooling while not being of it. This online course employs an extensive Study Guide, a book, book chapters and journal articles, with an online discussion forum and Skype/telephone conferencing. Participation in the forum and a professionally-oriented research paper will provide the basis for evaluation.

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History of Early Modern European Christian Thought - Cancelled on Feb 15, 2017

WYT3501HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR(S): Radner, Ephraim

Graduate degree students enrol in WYT6501HF

COLLEGE: Wycliffe College SCHEDULE: Mon TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This course surveys aspects of Christian thinking (not necessarily strictly theology) of the early modern period, concentrating on France, England, and representatives from other Western European countries. Lectures and readings focus on the question of (re)defining Christian identity, within several areas of religious concern: devotional life, epistemology, human history, and social relations. The course aims to provide students with first-hand knowledge of primary material that was either influential upon or typical of fundamental (though often conflictual) ways of construing Christian identity during this period and that have remained, in various guises, still a part of contemporary Christian outlooks.

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Professional Ethics for Spiritual Care and Psycho-spiritual therapy - Cancelled on Mar 23, 2017


COLLEGE: Emmanuel College SCHEDULE: Wed TIME: 18:00 to 21:00

PRE-REQUISITES: 10 courses (min) in program and concurrent or prior Practicum experience (SPE or Contextual education) ORpermission of instructor. CREDITS: One Credit

This course will examine professional ethics in the helping professions (esp. spiritual care, psycho-spiritual therapy and social service) in order to further equip students for competence in their chosen field. We will consider the philosophical/theological moorings for professional ethics and the need for congruence in belief, thought, word and deed. Students will examine their own belief systems in relation to ethical practice and construct means by which to embed ethical practice within theses systems. They will deepen their understanding of the intrinsic link between ethical practice and self awareness and assess areas of growth in this regard. Professional codes of ethics (Professional Practice Standards CRPO, CASC Code of Ethics, etc.) will be assessed as the minimum standard for the profession. These codes as well as best practices in the field will be practiced in class. Attention to ethical practice in contexts of diversity is central to course.

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Foundations in the Psychology of Counselling

TRP3523HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR(S): Hewitt, Marsha A.

COLLEGE: Trinity College SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Foundations in the psychology of pastoral 'listening' and counseling, emphasizing the interpersonal, intersubjective and relational dynamics operative in the dyad in a faith-based context. Focus of the course will be on case studies where students will examine multiple perspectives of effective communication in the pastoral counselling setting. Strong focus on heightened awareness of not only what person seeking counselling brings to the relationship, but equally important, on what the counsellor brings, and the multiple levels of conscious and unconscious communication mobilized in therapeutic encounters. Discussion-oriented seminars organized around clinical and theoretical papers; students encouraged to bring individual experience-based material for confidential discussion, where appropriate.

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Integrative Approaches to Trauma in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care

RGP3535HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR(S): Buhagar, Desmond C.

Graduate degree students enrol in RGP6535HF

COLLEGE: Regis College SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 18:00 to 21:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This entry-level-to-practice, interdisciplinary course will examine the phenomenology of trauma as it impinges on human beings (individuals, families, cultural groups) from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of care. Special consideration given to contemporary, evidence-based treatments from a range social science disciplines, as well a credible intervention practices from religious and spiritual traditions- such as mindfulness, hoping-building, meaning-making, and forgiveness protocols- and their potential roles in healing of both direct and vicarious forms of trauma. The following major areas will be explored: 1) Trauma in Childhood, Adolescence, and the Family; 2) Trauma and Disrupted Attachment Relationships; 3) Trauma as Health Crisis {Physical and Mental); 4} Trauma and Women; 5) Trauma as Socio-Historical Events, such as: a) Natural Disasters, b) Terrorism and War Conflicts; c) Cultural Genocide, Religious Persecution and Refugees, d) Cultural Oppression and Victimization of First Nations Peoples; 6) Trauma and Resiliency. Throughout the course will be the pervasive themes of the self-care of the clinician, and the fostering of client resource through spiritual, family and community resources, leading to healing and posttraumatic growth

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Dreams: Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

EMP3538HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR(S): Smith-Eivemark, Jane E.A.

COLLEGE: Emmanuel College SCHEDULE: Sat TIME: 9:30 to 16:30

CREDITS: One Credit

This course explores psycho-spiritual work with dreams from a Jungian (analytical) psychological perspective. Because Jungian psychology is adaptable with any number of religious traditions, an intrqduction to the role of dreams within Buddhism, Christianity and Islam will be a part of the course. Working with dreams will help students to learn to work with a methodology that has been developed by Jungian psychologists. To supplement work with dreams, an understanding of key Jungian concepts to be presented include the SELF as a God-image, archetypal energy, the personal and collective unconscious, the journey of individuation as a spiritual process. The goal of this course is to help students to be better prepared to work with the dreams of clients/congregants for whom they care at a depth level and particularly during times of heightened stress or end of life.

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Integrating Theory and Practice: Spiritual care/Psycho-spiritual Therapy

EMP3541HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR(S): McCarroll, Pamela R.

COLLEGE: Emmanuel College SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 9:00 to 12:00

PRE-REQUISITES: 75% completion of degree program including min. 1 practicum (2 is preferred) CREDITS: One Credit

This course provides students opportunities to demonstrate the MPS outcomes, CASC and entry-to-practice CRPO competencies. Early in the semester, in consultation with professor and small group members, students will develop a learning covenant to identify specific learning goals, including a bibliography and process/timeline for achieving identified goals. The goals will be established in relation to their learning through the program based on their ability to demonstrate the MPS Outcomes, CRPO and/or CASC/ACSS Competencies. The course will culminate in 4 papers which will be merged into one large paper and submitted at the end of the course. In the assignments students will articulate and give evidence for their safe and effective use of self, the psycho-spiritual theory base for their practice and will demonstrate integration of their spiritual care/psycho-spiritual practice into a theological/spiritual/religious framework.

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20th Century Protestant Theology

EMT3542HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2017 INSTRUCTOR(S): Reynolds, Thomas E.

COLLEGE: Emmanuel College SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 14:00 to 16:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Exploration of figures and movements in Protestant Theology during the 20th century: Troeltsch, Neo-Orthodoxy (Barth, Brunner), Bonhoeffer, Bultmann, Tillich, the Niebuhrs, Political/Liberation (Moltmann, Metz, Gutierrez), Process (Cobb, Suchocki), Feminist/Womanist (Russell, McFague, Williams), Black (Cone), Asian (Pieris, Song), Postmodern and Postliberal Theologies. Lectures, discussions, student presentations, and research paper.

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Spiritual Care Therapy Practicum - CPE Basic 1



CREDITS: Two Credits

Each Spiritual Care Therapy- CPE Practicum provides students with opportunities to develop the arts and skills required for providing competent spiritual care therapy. Each CPE course provides 200 hours of closely supervised clinical practice where the student provides care for individuals experiencing various levels of crisis, the individual's family members, friends, and other clinical staff. The remaining 200 hours include: group supervision, case studies, individual supervision, other structured learning activities.

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