Course Catalogue 2016-2017

Pastoral Care - Cancelled on May 24, 2016

SMP2501HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR(S): Anderson, Anne

COLLEGE: St. Michael's College SCHEDULE: Mon TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Foundational elements for pastoral care: theology of ministry, acceptance of self, relationships, grief and loss, prayer, suffering, art of listening, care with the sick and infirm at home and in institutions.

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Facilitating Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Church and in the World

WYP2507HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR(S): Malcolm, Wanda

COLLEGE: Wycliffe College SCHEDULE: Wed TIME: 19:00 to 21:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Forgiveness and reconciliation are central to the gospel message and virtues that mark Christian maturity. Recognizing them as virtues does not automatically translate into an ability to recover from relationship hurts, and people may then turn to a clergyperson or lay leader in the church for help in getting from a place of hurt and anger to one of acceptance and closure. This course is designed to assist students in their efforts to acquire the knowledge, wisdom and skills they need, first to embody the virtues themselves and then to facilitate others.

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Reading and Teaching the New Testament

CGB2511HF L4101 SESSION: Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR(S): Batten, Alicia

COLLEGE: Conrad Grebel SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 13:00 to 16:00


A study of the literary genres, the history of composition, and the canonization of the New Testament texts. The course will examine various hermeneutical approaches to the New Testament, focusing on their implications for Christian theological interpretation. It will introduce some methods of teaching he New Testament in various settings.

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Intermediate Hellenistic Greek I

WYB2521HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR(S): Sider-Hamilton, Catherine

COLLEGE: Wycliffe College SCHEDULE: Tue, Thu TIME: 16:00 to 17:30

PRE-REQUISITES: The completion one year of introductory Greek CREDITS: One Credit

This course provides practice in reading and exegesis of the New Testament in Greek. It follows upon Elementary New Testament Greek (or one year of Greek) and presumes a basic knowledge of Greek. The aim is to increase the student's proficiency in Greek through regular translation and analysis of the New Testament texts, to introduce more advanced grammatical and syntactical concepts, and to unlock the potential of the Greek text for preaching and for scholarly research.

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Pastoral Counselling

SAP2545HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR(S): Lombardi, Josephine

COLLEGE: St. Augustine's Seminary SCHEDULE: Thu TIME: 14:00 to 16:30

CREDITS: One Credit

Pastoral Counselling for the non-professional counsellor engaged in ministry. The goals of the course include acquiring basic counselling skills, developing awareness of counter-transference and exploring how to refer to other professionals. Class format includes lectures and peer counselling. Requirements include: reflection papers, referral project and a taped counselling session. Attendance and participation are mandatory.

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History and Polity of the Korean Evangelical Holiness Church - Cancelled on Jul 6, 2016

KNH2559HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR(S): Heo, Chun Hoi

COLLEGE: Knox College SCHEDULE: Mon TIME: 11:00 to 13:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This course is primarily for students from the holiness tradition. Students will be encouraged to study thoroughly the roots and developments of Korea Evangelical Holiness Church in Korea and abroad as well. Due to lack of text books available in English, only two books will be used as text books. Students will be required to read chapter by chapter of the books to understand the historical background and polity of the denomination.

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Church Planting & Fresh Expressions of Church


COLLEGE: Wycliffe College SCHEDULE: Mon TIME: 14:00 to 16:00

CREDITS: One Credit

Beginning new churches to serve areas and cultures where no church exists is a historic expression of the missio dei. The practice begins in the Book of Acts and has continued through Christian history, but is currently taking fresh and sometimes unconventional forms in Western society. This course lays foundations for church planting and fresh expressions of church in scripture and theology, and then looks at contemporary practice through exposure to current resources and practitioners.

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Theology of Ministry


COLLEGE: St. Michael's College SCHEDULE: Mon TIME: 19:00 to 21:00

CREDITS: One Credit

This course will explore the foundations of ministry in the New Testament, the manifold expressions of ministry in the history of the Church, and a variety of contemporary issues related to the theology and practice of ministry from a Roman Catholic perspective. Also important will be the relationship of ministry to other aspects of theology, such as Christology, pneumatology, grace, mission, ecclesiology, and sacraments.

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Theology and the Arts - Cancelled on Sep 14, 2016



CREDITS: One Credit

This course will explore key themes in recent discussions about the relationship between theology and the arts. Though some historical perspective on the place of the arts in the Christian church will be noted, the focus of our attention will be on the wide range of current conversations on arts and theology. Themes such as spirituality and art, liturgy and art, God and beauty, the place of imagination, and art as a resource for engaging issues of justice will be among the topics we consider.

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Synoptic Gospels

SAB2612HF L0101 SESSION: Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR(S): Werbylo, Walter

COLLEGE: St. Augustine's Seminary SCHEDULE: Tue TIME: 9:00 to 11:00

PRE-REQUISITES: An introduction to New Testament course. CREDITS: One Credit

Apostolic preaching and its development in Gospel writing. A look at the Synoptic Question. Special introduction to first three gospels, with attention to the themes and theology of each tradition. Exegetical study of selected passages in Mark, completed with reference to accounts in Matthew and Luke.

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