Easter, April 12, 2020 - Gratitude
Easter, April 12, 2020

The second morning of Easter, April 12, 2020, I am differently grateful than in previous years:

For an Easter feast: seeing the thumbnail faces of our children, their partners and our grandchildren on Zoom, and for e-cards, text messages, and FaceTime calls from friends;

For the work of clergy and laity who converted Easter week services to remote delivery as fast as the faculty throughout the University of Toronto rejigged their classes;

For the faculty, staff, and students of Toronto School of Theology, as they complete their semester’s work and transition to what comes next;

For Quercus, where I access my students’ final work remotely, and for my students, whose last thoughts about a strange semesters’ work intrigue me;

In our rural town, for the repeated busy signal and long wait to order Saturday dinner at Castle Hill Supper Club, founded @1945, where later a pony-tailed waitress hops down the front steps to the parking lot to hand me take-out prime rib and battered shrimp and the fixins’;

In our urban town, for the firemen with truck lights blazing who lead the 7:00 pm applause for health care workers in front of the hospital, and our neighbors who join by yelling on their balconies;

For heavy wet spring snow that now lines each branch of oak and fills each pine bough, the last decoration of winter’s beauty in the forest, and seasoned pine and oak logs that burn a yellow flame in the wood stove,

For a holiday weekend of rest, and the week of work to come, I give thanks.

~ Pamela D. Couture, Executive Director, Toronto School of Theology