TST Announces Plans for Fall 2021 Return to Campus

The Toronto School of Theology community eagerly awaits our post-pandemic return to campus. Our primary organizing principle is to provide access to classes and extra-curricular opportunities that allows students to make progress with their degrees and engage with their fellow students and college communities. While we expect improved public health conditions in 2021-2022 due to vaccine rollout in the coming months, we anticipate continued need for some level of remote delivery in response to public health constraints.

In light of this, the Member Colleges of the Toronto School of Theology are planning for the following:

  • To provide for a variety of delivery methods in Fall 2021 and Winter 2022. Some Member Colleges will provide remote access to most courses, while others will plan for in-person courses as public health conditions permit.
  • To work with students, including those who anticipate healthcare-based practicums, to fulfill curricular requirements in appropriate ways.
  • To communicate decisions about the scope of remote access for future academic terms in consultation with the University of Toronto and public health directives.
  • To program in-person co-curricular, worship, and community life activities as public health conditions permit.
  • To work with our librarians to make research access available.

For graduate students:

  • TST Academic Council approved the following with respect to residency requirements for all graduate students:

“Graduate students who participate in classes delivered remotely as a result of the COVID pandemic measures and maintain academic connections with the TST and their home college through electronic communication meet the program requirements as stated in sections A7.1.2 and A6.5 of the GCTS Conjoint Degree & DMin Handbooks.”

  • TST graduate cohort courses TSJ5001H, TSJ5021H & TSJ5022H will be delivered remotely in Fall 2021. (TSM5020H & TSM5022H for Summer 2021.)
  • Member colleges will offer a variety of in-person courses to enhance the campus experience for students in Toronto, as public health conditions allow.

These unusual circumstances have created the opportunity for renewed ecumenical engagement as students access a range of course and co-curricular offerings across the Member Colleges. Students may:

  • Use the searchable course catalog to find courses, which will indicate the delivery method by the section code: 0101 (in person), 9101 (remote delivery), 6201 (online-synchronous) and 6101 (online-asynchronous). 
  • Subscribe to the social media feeds and e-newsletters of the Member Colleges to keep abreast of opportunities to build community.

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