Memorandum of Agreement Now in Place Between TST and NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community

The Toronto School of Theology (TST) is excited to welcome NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community (NAIITS) as an affiliated member institution of TST. NAIITS is one of the founding members of a family of Indigenous organizations, collectively known as Indigenous Pathways Inc., dedicated to the advancement of Indigenous people.

The general aims of NAIITS, which include theological teaching and scholarship, and the support of training for Christian ministries, are in harmony with those of TST. In addition, NAIITS brings to its ministry of theological education a grounding in the cultural identities, spiritualities, ways of knowing, and wisdom of Indigenous peoples in Canada and globally with which TST wishes to interact. NAIITS is also dedicated to introducing change into the education and practice of Christian mission and theology and recognizes an affiliation with TST as a potentially fruitful place to further that goal.

In forming this agreement NAIITS, TST and TST's seven member colleges recognize the diversity and hybridity of Indigenous and settler cultures and ways of knowing, teaching and learning, and value their interchange as mutually enriching. Accordingly we agree to promote conversation, collaborative scholarship and teaching, mutual understanding and common worship.

Students registered at TST in a basic degree program may take a course or courses offered by NAIITS. Further information is available from TST's member college registrars.

More information about NAIITS is available on their website: