Emmanuel College - Principal

Founded in 1928, Emmanuel College is the theological college of Victoria University in the University of Toronto. It is the largest theological school associated with the United Church of Canada, one of the seven member theological colleges within the Toronto School of Theology and a fully accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools. Through academic programs and continuing education events, Emmanuel College shares its distinctive contextual approach to the study of religion in all aspects—theology and belief, historical development, and lived experience—and attends to the diversity of expressions in the United Church of Canada, in other Christian contexts, as well as in Muslim, Buddhist, and other religious understandings.

Reporting to the President of Victoria University, the Principal is the senior administrative leader of Emmanuel College and is a member of its faculty. The Principal provides inspirational, strategic, academic, and organizational leadership, and works co-operatively within Emmanuel College, Victoria University, the University of Toronto, and the Toronto School of Theology to strengthen and expand programs and activities in ways that exemplify the College’s mission. Understanding and respecting the theological traditions of the United Church of Canada, as well as the multi-religious context of contemporary Canada, the Principal will effectively represent Emmanuel College and Victoria University with their internal and external communities to advance their vision, mission, and values; increase their resources and well-being; and raise their profile locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.

A conscientious administrator and a champion of the value of education at a theological college, the next Principal will effectively lead and direct the operations of Emmanuel College, making decisions that align with the College’s mission, context, and resources. The next Principal will promote academic excellence through understanding and committing to academic quality; will understand the role of the College and its mission; and will strengthen Emmanuel College’s relationships within Victoria University, the University of Toronto, the Toronto School of Theology, and the United Church of Canada. The next Principal will be an inspirational and inspired leader and a strong advocate for dignity, equity, inclusion, accountability, and responsibility. The next Principal will serve as a bridge-builder who strengthens the College’s connections with its many institutional and community partners.

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