Assistant Registrar, Graduate Programs and Institutional Research Coordinator

Reporting to the Toronto School of Theology Registrar and working closely with the relevant academic administrators, the Assistant Registrar, Graduate Programs and Institutional Research Coordinator manages all administrative aspects of the Toronto School of Theology’s graduate degree programs, both research and professional. This position is a key point of contact and coordination as well as an expert resource for faculty, students, potential students and staff both at TST and in the member colleges with regard to graduate programs.

Areas of responsibility include providing high level support to the graduate student applications and admissions processes and providing information to prospective students; communicating with graduate students in all years of their academic programs, identifying students who may be facing difficulties and ensuring that students are referred and have access to the advice (both academic and other) and resources that are available to support their progress.  This position also oversees and manages all graduate program academic records and scholarship application processes, language exams, procedures for thesis defense and oral dissertations, and coordinates communications related to these matters including timely, relevant and accessible website content. 

The Assistant Registrar and Institutional Research Coordinator supports the University of Toronto academic quality assurance process administratively and through research and quantitative and qualitative data collection, and through drafting responses to proposals and recommendations. 

Applications are due by May 17, 2021. See the full posting and how to apply here.