Virtual Forum Series - Responding Theologically to Populism


Date of Event: 
September 23, 2020


Time of event: 
11:30 am - 1:00 pm


Via Zoom - see below for details

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Virtual Forum Series - Responding Theologically to Populism, September 23

Event Details

Virtual Forum Series: Doing Theology during epochal shifts: fears and hopes

Co-hosted by Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity; and Knox College

The Forum will be via Zoom - for Zoom link, see below.

TOPIC: Responding Theologically to Populism


  • Risto Saarinen, Ecumenics, University of Helsinki
  • Simone Sinn, Ecumenical Theology, Ecumenical Institute at Bossey
  • Nicholas Olkovich, Catholic Theology, St. Mark’s College, Vancouver
  • John Temmermann, Systematic Theology and Dean of the Faculty of Protestant Theology and Religious Studies, Brussels
  • Dorcas Gordon, New Testament Interpretation, Knox College, Toronto School of Theology
  • Gerard Ryan, Political Theology, Regis College, Toronto School of Theology
  • Gideon Strauss, Worldview Studies, Institute for Christian Studies

Each presenter, in five minutes, to state three related ideas and expand one.  Conversation to follow, for 55 minutes (90-minute forum within Zoom use for two hours).

For Zoom link, contact: Professor Abrahim Khan (Trinity College),, 905-706-0569