COVID-19 Updates and Resources

During this evolving time in the midst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Toronto School of Theology will post updates and resources below as they become available. Check back often for additional information.

  • As of March 18, the TST building is closed until further notice. (Additional information will be posted here when it is known.)

Summer Courses at TST

TST's classroom-based summer courses will be held via remote delivery to September 2020.

Plans are underway for the delivery or postponement of courses that involve placements and practicums. Each member college will announce plans for practicum classes in the near future when we learn about the ongoing restrictions necessary to preserve public health.

Fall Semester Classes at Toronto School of Theology: Principles in effect until December 31, 2020

May 5, 2020: We have received many questions from students and prospective students about Fall classes. It will be several weeks before the University of Toronto announces plans for Fall; however, TST is in regular conversation with the University and understands itself to be consistent with U of T’s goals by announcing the following:

  • Our primary organizing principle will be providing access to classes and extra-curricular responsibilities that allow students to make progress with their degrees, and to engage with their fellow students and college communities in this exceptional time of the pandemic and its aftermath.

In light of this we are actively planning for the following:

  • To provide for Fall 2020 remote access to most classes, except practicums, and to communicate decisions about the scope of remote access for future academic terms in consultation with the University of Toronto and public health directives.
  • To provide for some person-to-person opportunities in some classes, if public health conditions permit.
  • To work with students, including those who anticipate healthcare-based practicums, to fulfill curricular requirements in appropriate ways.
  • To work with international students who have met admission requirements but do not have a visa and/or study permit in hand, or who cannot travel to Toronto, to begin classes through remote access.
  • To work with our librarians to make research access available.

Students should stay in touch with their faculty advisors and administrators when they need more information.

Minimal technological requirements to access Quercus, can be found here.

Click on a topic below for further infomation. / Read how TST graduates and students are responding to COVID-19 here.


Convocations at the Toronto School of Theology

March 25 2020, the University of Toronto announced that its June convocation ceremonies will be postponed. Read the message from President Merc Gertler here. Likewise, all May convocation ceremonies at the Toronto School of Theology (TST) will be postponed. 

At TST, we share the disappointment expressed in President Gertler’s letter, and want to assure our students that those who complete their degree requirements on time will still graduate and receive their degrees and parchments, when they become available. 

Each TST member college is making plans for the rescheduling of its convocation. Given the changing situation, all of those details are not yet in place. Each member college will be in contact with its own students to confirm alternate plans.

This decision was not taken lightly. We look forward to celebrating our students’ achievements when the convocation ceremonies are able to take place.


As a result of the closure of all but non-essential services in Ontario, all University of Toronto libraries are now closed. TST students who have been depending upon libraries for Internet or computer access should notify their instructors, who should, in turn, notify their college to determine what kind of support is available.

Updates from the TST Director

Verification of Illness Form and Extensions

TST is following the UofT in temporarily suspending the need for a doctor’s note or medical certificate (i.e. Verification of Illness Form) to document any medical-related absence from academic participation in your program. Instead, conjoint students must register absences due to medical reasons on the ACORN Declaration of Absence tool. Non-conjoint students must inform their college registrar of the days missed. Please note that the normal College/TST extension forms are still required for all extension requests, and the deadlines for form submissions remain the same. Extension requests can be “signed” by the submission of an email from your utoronto address stating “Attached here is the form [insert name of form]. Please accept this email as indication of my signature.”




Information from the Government of Canada

  • The wisdom of staying at home: The Washngton Post article, One doctor’s straight talk about the coronavirus
  • This is a challenging time for many, not just due to the risk of getting ill, but the toll it takes on our mental health. Here are resources offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Steps to Justice, our trusted online resource for legal issues, is maintaining their website with information that relates directly to questions that may arise regarding employment and work, Employment Insurance, family law, and tenant law.
  • For more information on how to apply for Employment Insurance, and specifically Sickness Benefits due to COVID-19, please take a look at the Government of Canada site here.
  • The Ministry of Education has announced new online resources that will allow children (elementary and secondary students) to continue their learning while at home. Perhaps a much-needed option for parents trying to work from home with children? Check out "Learn at Home"