Twentieth Century Canadian Political Theologies

TRT2951HS  L0101 · Cancelled on 2010/03/29
Offered in Winter 2011  ·  Previously offered in Summer 2010 · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

The course will consider, in the Canadian context, how the influential Christian political theologies of the 20th century such as the Social Gospel, Christian socialism, liberation theology and their conservative counterpoints might inform a Christian political theology for the 21st century. We will examine how these theologies actually shaped 20th century Canada through the work and lives of such Christians as Tommy Douglas, Ted Scott, Pierre Trudeau, George Grant and others. We will also consider the political role of the Canadian churches.

Schedule: Wednesday, 9:00 to 11:00
Instructors: David Neelands, John Brewin
Teaching Methods: Lectures
Other Information: Second Semester · One Credit

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