Isaiah: Hebrew Exegesis and Method

WYB5204HF  L0101
Offered in Fall 2013  ·  New Course · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

This course will combine close textual and exegetical analysis of the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah) with attention to methodology. These chapters of Isaiah are selected as they model well the transition from early literary-critical to form and redaction-critical exegesis, and newer canonical approaches. the time will be devoted to close reading of the Hebrew text informed by the spate of newer commentary treatments and secondary literature.

Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, 11:00 to 13:00
Schedule Notes: This course will be held twice a week and is offered from Sept 16 to Nov 1, 2013
Instructors: Christopher Seitz
Teaching Methods: Lectures, Seminars
Other Information: First Semester · One Credit · Max: 10

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